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If someone has Norton Internet Security Professional but he is suspicious that some undetected programs may be running how can he find out for sure?



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It is most likely if ones computer starts doing strange things,or slows Dow,that there is some program running in the back ground.Use both "ad-ware" & spyware Guard to get rid of all spyware programs etc.The one will block spyware from getting onto your PC the other you can scan with to check if PC is still cleanI went to and found a way to remove it by doing the following-clicked on green link at the top of the page stating "FREEWARE",then clicked on virus tools/or you can search on that site for this program-"Avast home edition".It is the best freeware program,that i have ever used and removed the virus in no time.The Funweb A is a Trojan horse virus,and when Avast picked it up was goung under another name-i think that's why everybody have difficulty in removing it,and cant find anything under funwe A ,coz it is going under another name.Avast has also detected and removed 2 other virus infected files on my PC!It is important to do a live update of avast virus deff and to set program to run a full system scan.Do download the full free home adition and not just the computer cleaner.Its AMAZING and kicks budd! : )Thank you so much Avast!!!!Two programs going really well with Avast and also freeware on the same site is Ad-Aware spy detector and Zone Alarm firewall.I have all three and they work together like magic!: )GREAT STUFF!!!!Try it,you wont look back!