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ADD DiagnosisGo to a psychologist, and have him tell the docter his problems. It sounds like he is really bad. but medication, is best for people who have some sober self control. it helps them be more like other people, but if you cant sit still, and see who you are, and what your doing, then you have no self conciousness. its best, for him to start looking at who he is, and what he is doing. if he learns to become more aware of himself, all that will stop, and then he will be in a good position to take medication. because he has learned to deal with his problems, on a deeper level, then just medication. the medication will add to the type of mind he has developed, but if he has no mind, or inner self/awareness, he will grow up to be lost, and dependent on a drug, just like any other person, who is lost, and needs a drug to function. show him who he is. show him what he is doing. wake him up to himself. hurt him, if you haver to open his mind up to reality. when i say hurt him, i don't mean physically, just make him look at who he is, and if he has to go through some pain to do that, it is what he has to go through. start with the spiritual first, then add the material/medication after. it will balence him, in more ways then medication can. approach it from all angles: exercise, yoga, meditation, Martial Arts, vegetariandite, etc. then maybe you can take a little of some drug, to add to what he has been developing on his own, naturally.
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What are some test taking strategies?

Study the night before, have someone quiz you the night before, and PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS

Is thinking about someone before you fall asleep normal?

Of course it's normal. Everyone thinks about something or someone before falling asleep, it would be impossible not to do so.

What does it mean if you had a dream about someone?

It usually just means you were thinking about the person before you went to sleep.

What does it mean you have dreams about your ex?

That has happened to me before and I know why. You are having dreams about him because he is thinking about you. I learned that whenever you have a dream about someone that means that that person is thinking about you.

If you dreamed about someone does that mean he or she thought about you before going to sleep?

It could be that or probably that is what your conscience was thinking about before going to sleep, which made you dream of him/her.

What does it mean if i wake up thinking im dead?

A flippant answer could be that you drank too much the night before. More probably this is the thinking someone is walking over your grave, that someone is acting against you in some way.

What does it mean when you're dreaming and you're making love to someone that you're in love with?

if you dream about someone it means they were thinking about you before they went to sleep (this was proven by scientists)

How does ADD affect?

Attention Deficit Disorder makes it hard for someone to focus on one thing. Before you take in what is in front of you, your "attention" is diverted to something else. Some people claim it is a gift.

How do you walk up to a girl and get her attention in a good manner?

That depends on what you want to say once you have her attention. Excuse me, please.... is a good start for any conversation with someone to whom you haven't spoken before.

How do you know someone is thinking of you?

Thy look at u after or before they seem to have spaced out,or they sneak peeks at u all the time

How do someone now about science?

one can know about science when he or she is always ready to study and observe the physical changes that occur around them.And to try investigating on uncertain ideas and develop solutions by experimenting to figure out something no one has done before. it involves critical thinking and focused attention.

How do you have a dream about kissing someone?

You just have to keep thinking about the person you want to kiss or watch romantic movies before you go to bed...

What does it mean if you dream that you started going out with a friends ex girlfriend?

it could be that you were thinking of her before you fell asleep because if someone is on your mind before you fall asleep sometimes you dream them. but the real question is how do you feel toward your friend's ex? again if you are constantly thinking about someone or something you may dream her/him or it. if you were not thinking about this person at all then maybe it was just one of those weird dreams. not to worry everyone has strange dreams they don't understand.

What does it mean when you are about to hold hands with someone but right before you do you wake up?

u were dreaming about him and u must really like him. when u have dreams, that is just whaat ur mind is thinking about at the time. so u were prob. also thinking about him before and while u were asleep. :)

Why would you dream of someone who is dead that you didn't go to sleep thinking about?

You could have been thinking about them recently, even if not directly before bedtime. You don't have to experience or think about things immediately before going to bed to dream about them. It could mean you are still grieving their loss or that you still miss them.

How do people feel before they die?

It depends on how they're dying, who they are, what they're feeling, and what they are thinking at that moment. It depends. Before someone dies I think that the brain secrets an excessive quantity of pheromones (the molecule of happiness)…

What if you dream about a guy you never saw before but in the dream you know him?

you are lonley and you create someone you can controll, so that you will get the attention you crave and I say it means the right guy is around the corner, that it might be someone you might know and care about

What was the Jewish religious thinking before Jesus arrived?

The Jewish thinking before Jesus is the same as Jewish thinking today. Jesus didn't change Judaism, and therefore he doesn't have a role in Judaism.

What does it means when you dream about someone?

This question is far too vague to provide any suggestion about its meaning. In general, dreams are about the dreamer's emotions, thoughts, experiences or memories. They do not provide any information about anyone else's feelings. Dreaming of someone does NOT meant they were thinking about you before they went to sleep or that they are also dreaming of you. It is more likely that you were thinking of that someone, and those thoughts triggered the dream.

What caught Bella's attention right before she hit the water in new moon?

it was Victoria that caught Bella's attention before she hit the water in New Moon

What does in mean if you dream of someone?

it means the person you dreamt of was thinking about you Dreams are about the dreamer, reflecting the dreamer's own thoughts and emotions. Although it is pleasant to believe that a dream indicates that someone special is thinking about the dreamer, in reality there is no invisible link connecting the thoughts or dreams of separate individuals. Dreams are formed within the brain, by the subconscious mind, and cannot be influenced by anyone else's mind. Dreaming of someone usually means that the dreamer was thinking about that person before falling asleep.

How much attention did perri luc kiely get from girls before he was famous?

He is very young and would've only got attention from school friends etc, before he was famous.

How were spectacles invented?

Once someone had discovered that looking through a lens would give a clearer image, it wouldn't take long before someone started thinking how handy it'd be if the lens sat in place before the Eye w/o having to hold it there with the hand all the time.

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