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A talented 3 point shooter will have around 40%-49%. Some of the best three point shooters don't have the best percentage however.

A very good 3-point shooter will hit 40% - 47% but anything above that is next to impossible for a season.

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What is the cost of a talent manager?

The cost of a talent manager is usually based on a percentage and sometimes based on a down payment. Each management agency and talent manager are different.

Do talent agencies charge?

Talent agencies do charge. Usually, they will charge you a sum for any services they provide or they will take a percentage out of the money you make for each job you land.

How much do talent agents earn?

Talent agents usually charge a percentage upfront and from any work/jobs that their cleint(s) make. Talent agents generally don't earn a salary but earn their money through commissions. Depending on what type of talent, work, location and demand, determines how much a talent agent earns.

What is a talent buyer?

Is someone who buys contracts from either other talent scouts or from an talent agency.

What percentage do talent agents make?

On average, talent agent make 10% of what their client earns on any booked project.

What gives someone a nice singing voice?


What does talent means in the Bible?

A talent was a unit of currency. It weighed between 57-75 lbs usually of gold.

What is renesmee talent?

Renemee's talent is when she wants to communicate with someone she touches you and you can see her thoughts. It is kinda like reading her mind.

Does somebody know a talent for a talent show for someone with no athletic singing dancing comedy magic or ventriloquism ability?


What is better talent or hard work?

Hard work will probably win out over talent in the long run. Coupling talent and hard work will usually result in an unbeatable combination.

What time will Britain's Got Talent be on?

Usually 8:30pm.

When will you become a genius?

It depends on your definition of 'genius'. Usually it is someone who is exceptional or has well above average talent in a particular field or subject. By this definition not everyone can be a genius. What you can do is be the best you personally can be in your field.

What is idiot-savant?

Someone who is autistic but with a special talent or ability.

Who invented sports photography?

Someone who had a camera at a game but not the talent to play.

Did someone actually shoot themselves on Britains got talent?

No they didn't.

What is the name of someone born with immense talent in a certain field?


Who is going to win Britain's Got Talent 2010?

It is hard to know. It is a mystery that's why Simon Cowell creates these sort of shows. lol. I hope someone gud wins, someone who can do an unusual talent :-)

Does nick Jonas like you if you can sing?

I'm sure he could, but he's probably looking for more in someone than talent. He wants someone who has a great a personality. Everything isn't looks and talent. He's probably looking for someone who has more to offer.

How many sets of adverts are there on Britain's got talent?

Usually 5

How long does Britain's Got Talent last?

It is usually on for a couple of months.

What talent should a hunter do in wow?

Depends on what type of hunter you want to be. Usually you go down one talent tree till you get the last talent and then put the other talent points in other trees or pick up some filler talents.

What is the percentage of people that like Miley Cyrus?

About 50% of the country love Miley Cyrus when on the other half people think she has no talent at all. I am on the 50% group that thinks she has no talent. She did but went downhill. The press believes that she has no talent and i absolutely praise them.

What is a sentence for nonentity?

So good to see someone with real nurtured talent on the TV rather than vacuous celebrity nonentities.They are not in the How_do_you_put_the_word_nonentity_in_a_sentence, or at the discretion, of a passing parade of political nonentitiesFunny

How do Talent Scouts find you?

Well usually you submit a video of your talent to a website Or you preform in a public event where there are scouts searching for specific talents.

What does rhetorical flair mean?

a natural talent used for style or effect rather than content or meaning