If someone hides a vehicle in Oregon must a Writ of Replevin be issued before the debtor can be arrested for hindering a secured creditor?

I would have to agree with previous note. I am going to assume that you are the one hiding the vehicle. People like you just don't get it. Finance companies like the one I work for are gonna get you directly or indirectly. Go ahead and hide the vehicle. Let the finance company charge it off. Then go and try to buy a home or re finance the one you have. Your lender will either make you pay off the loan or roll it into your refi or jack up your intrest rate and maybe add points. Go apply for a credit card and see what kinda intrest rate you get if you get approved. Have alittle fun...Go and try to register the vehicle. Thinking about bankruptcy? You can get some what normal credit after 5 yrs now. The first 5 yrs depending on you will be spent on higher intrest rates on everything. Do the smart thing and return the vehicle or arrange for it to be picked up. Let it goto auction and see what remaining balance you have left and make arrangements to re pay it and move on......Just a thought