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That all depends on the details and the rules in your state.

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Q: If someone hit your car but you have no insurance can you still put a claim in on their insurance?
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How do you claim against someone with one day car insurance?

They will have a pink card stating the insurance company on it still, as long as the accident happened in the one day they were insured.

What happens if your car insurance is cancelled during a pending claim?

The claim would still be processed - as you were still insured at the time of the incident !

What should you do if your car is hit by someone who has the same insurance company as you do?

It makes no difference. It is still a valid claim, regardless if the other driver has the same insurance as yours. The same laws and regulations apply.

How can someone get the car rental excess insurance for free?

To get your car rental excess insurance for free the following steps need to be taken. Take out car hire excess reimbursement insurance and make a claim on it.

What happens if someone hits your car with their car and you have no insurance and got hurt?

If you have no insurance you may get a ticket, but you will want a police report on the accident to claim their insurance, if they were at fault. so call the cops

What if you are driving someone else's car and you get in an accident that is your fault?

Their insurance would be primary and your insurance would be considered secondary when filing a claim.

Can you sell your vehicle with an insurance claim pending?

Selling your car with insurance claim pending, will simply null and void your insurance claim. Because your damaged car can be subjected to inspection by the Assessor of the Insurance Co. for assessment of the insurance claim any time.

If someone has made a claim off your car insurance does that mean you have made a claim?

This means that a claim has been made AGAINST you. Your insurance company, in most instances, will not pay the third party until they have discussed the claim with you and verified what happened.

What is the procedure for someone bumping your car?

Trade Insurance information with the other party and make out a claim with your own.

Will my car insurance be affected if I am a named driver on someone else's insurance and they need to claim their insurance?

No. As long as you were not involved in the accident then it shouldn't affect your driving record. You must also not be the owner of the vehicle that was involved in the claim.

Can you turn down a total by the insurance company and pay to have your car repaired by myself and still have car insurance?

Yeah, there should be no problem cancelling a claim on your insurance if it isn't under way already.

How can I claim my insurance if your car dies?

Call the insurance company.

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