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Physical abuse is when the man (or woman) physically attacks their partner. Hitting, slapping, pushing, punching, throwing things at them, etc. Mental abuse in when they swear and demean their partner. Example: Telling your partner they are good for nothing and will never amount to much. Love is about caring for each other, being loyal, supportive and respect for each other. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship and couples are going to have their arguments, misunderstandings and not always agree with each other. In any relationship whether it's with family, good friends, going steady to marriage and also children it's important that we respect each other if it's given to you and if the person doesn't possess these qualities (of course you instill these qualities in children) then either try to teach them and if they are unwilling to conform it's time to move on with your life. I would like to make it clear that it isn't just men that physically/mentally abuse women (the percentages are higher though) but men also can be physically/mentally abused and society often doesn't recognize this. Whether man or women another individual has NO RIGHT to inflict physical or emotional pain on another.

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What preposition is used with accused?

Someone is accused "of" a crime.

How did the Tudors find out if someone was a witch?

they pulled the hair of the accused and if the accused made a sound then she was a witch

Is the defendant being accused or accusing someone?

The Defendent is "being accused", therefore defending one's self

What kind of trial is for someone accused of breaking the law?


What law is there that can protect you from being falsely accused?

Laws cannot protect someone from being falsely accused. After an accusation has been made, you may be able to sue someone for defamation of character.

Can being accused of cheating actually make you cheat?

Being accused of cheating will not actually cause someone to cheat. Being accused of cheating may allow someone to justify cheating... in other words they might think, "Well, ___ thinks I'm cheating anyway. I might as well do it." However, we are each responsible for our own choices at the end of the day. If someone cheats, only they are responsible for their decisions.

What does being accused of a major crime mean?

Being accused of a major crime means that you are being accused of doing something really bad, criminally. This can range from theft to assaulting someone.

When a person dies is their estate automatically placed in probate?

It does not happen automatically. Someone has to file for the probate to be opened.

Why does browser history automatically delete?

Browser history automatically does not delete. Someone might be deleting it explicitly.

What is the difference between boyfriend and a lover?

A boyfriend is a romantically favored male. This can be someone you are dating, or just hanging out with. There does not have to be any physical intimacy (sex) involved. A lover is someone that you are intimately involved with. You can have a boyfriend without him being your lover, but it is assumed that if you have a lover he is your exclusive boyfriend.

What kind of trial happens when someone is accused of breaking the law?


What does false imprisonment defined mean?

when someone is wrongly accused of a crime that he/she did not commit.

Who should be interrogated?

Someone accused of a crime and has been read their Miranda rights.

What is paraphasing?

Biometric identification is the technique of automatically identifying an individual or verifying by a physical characteristic. The term "automatically" means the identification or verification of a human characteristic in biometric system with little or no intervention from the user.

What is a physical action?

A physical action is when you hurt someone by punching, kicking, biting, chokingthen that is a physical action. It is like bullying someone but you are not forreal.

If your car is parked in a driveway and you have no insurance and someone hits it?

If someone hits a parked car then they are automatically liable.

Why were people accused of being witches?

People were accused of being witches becausespite, grudges,disliking someoneself defenceto explain misfortuneshope that was helpful

What does Elizabeth realize when she finds out that she had been accused?

That someone thought she might have done something.

Which court would someone accused wilful murder be tried?

supreme/county court

When a newspaper reports someone has been indicted what does that mean?

when you've been accused of something

What does it mean if someone was accused of heresy?

Heresy is the act of lying upon holy grounds.

If you marry someone from another country are they automatically a citizen?

NO! Pure and simple

How does physical bullying start?

Physical bullying starts because someone get hit by someone or someone get annoyed by some one. Physical bullying can possibly start because someone get stressed at school and they want to get their stress away so they can likely fight with someone physically.

How do historians interpret the Salem witch trials?

They interpreted them as a religious punishment and as way for people to get rid of others, the people accused as witches were often accused because of some religious thing they did or because someone didn't like them and if they got enough people to testify against the accused then the accused would die.

What was the differemce the being afflicted with witchcraft and being accused of witchcraft?

Basically when you're afflicted you're the victim of a spell for example and when you're accused someone thinks you're a witch.