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Fanciful and preposterous lies aren't necessarily a symptom of chronic lying. Chronic, in the context of your question, implies a habitual or pathological behavior or trait. Lying to avoid getting caught for committing a more serious offense is neither chronic nor irrational. In fact, it is quite rational inasmuch as the "big lie" is often easier to believe than a small prevarication. After all, the reasoning goes, why would someone make up a patently incredible story? so, he MUST be telling the truth. Far more likely is the liar isn't very good at lying, whether or not he (or she) is experienced at it. =Answer= Yes, he definitely has a problem and is a pathological liar. The above poster made some fine points, but lying is lying. If it's repeated over and over again this person has a problem and should seek psychological counseling if they want to have a successful relationship. People can lie for various reasons. They may feel less of a person because they came from a bad or poor background and they want to appear equal with their peers. They may lie simply because they got away with it as a child and they were never reprimanded for it and therefore they don't know any better. Sometimes if the child told the truth they got a beating for it so it was easier to lie than tell the truth. Pathological liars don't mean to be this way and may not even know they are. It would take someone else to perhaps a few other people to tell this person to get some help. Once people have the label of being a liar they can't be trusted and when they do tell the truth no one will believe them. You've heard about Peter & the Wolf!

2006-08-16 19:41:23
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