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You can file in either state. This allows for forum shopping, so file in whichever state has the most favorable divorce laws.

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Q: If someone lives in Florida and they wish to divorce someone who lives in Tennessee where should they file?
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How can you get a divorce in Florida without the consent of your husband?

File a contested divorce. You should consult with an attorney who specializes in divorce in your area. You should ask around, friends and relatives, to get some referrals. It is always good to find someone who had a great experience with their lawyer. If your spouse will contest the divorce it is even more important to have a good divorce lawyer because your divorce settlement will depend in large part on their knowledge of the law, experience and ability to negotiate.

What should you do if the the spark is gone from your marriage and you love someone else?

You should get a divorce.

Who should you have to represent you for a divorce?

A good friend and someone you trust!

If your drivers license is suspended in Florida can you get a drivers license in Tennessee?

I believe so. Tennessee is not a member of the "compact".Someone I know had suspensions in Ga. and Tn., but were issued a Florida license.They had been issued a license in Fl. years earlier, but it had lapsed.Without a superceding federal law,maybe, that's the way it should be nationwide.(2012)

How do you divorce an illegal alien in Florida?

The immigration status of a spouse should have no factor in getting a divorce in Florida. If there are children involved some issues may arise. Consulting an attorney would be the best course of action.

Predictions of 2016 Fla vs Tennessee?

The Tennessee Volunteers defeated the Florida Gators 38-28 on September 24, 2016. Florida was winning 21-3 at halftime. However Tennessee scored 35 points in the 2nd half. The 2017 game should be another exciting game. The preseason ranking by the AP has Florida ranked 17th and Tennessee ranked 25th.

Is there a waiting period after you get a divorce in Tennessee to remarry?

There is no waiting period in Tennessee. However, it would not be a good idea to go from the courtroom to the justice of the peace to get married again. You should wait just long enough for the divorce decree to be signed by the judge and entered into the record by the clerk.

If you moved from the state of Ohio to Florida which state should you file your divorce in if I was originally married in Ohio?

If you were divorced in Ohio, ask somebody there or ask somebody in Florida!

Can you divorce someone in the US if you were married in another country?

Yes, your divorce should be where you live at the time of your separation, or where the children reside. If you live in the US, the divorce needs to be in the US to be enforceable.

I am 37 and my daughter is 11 and I was wondering which is a better place to move Tennessee North Carolina Virginia or Florida?

I Prefer North Carolina Has a nice climate. Florida is pretty hot and can have bad weather. Tennessee is fine too, if you want to grow some healthy crops i should say Tennessee.

In the State of Tennessee how long after a divorce does one have to wait to remarry?

You should have received a divorce document. Once you have that you are free to marry at any time. Marcy In the state of Tennessee, you must wait 30 days after the divorce decree is legalize to get married. If you get married before the 30 days are up it can be consider voidable. I am talking through experience.

You got married in Florida but live in California What state should you file for divorce?

After six months, Cali has jurisdiction.

Is a spouse in Florida entitled to a police's pension when they divorce even if they have only been married for 4 years?

NO and if it is that should be a crime.

Should you pay support after child is18 if he goes to Florida college?

It depends on the terms for child support as detailed in your divorce decree.

Can you kill someone in Florida if they threaten to kill you?

No, you can only kill someone if they attack you.... you should report the threat to the police

What is driving time fromJacksonville Florida to Nashville Tennessee?

Should take you about 9 hours, give or take an hour due to traffic.

What do you do when your wife falls in love with someone online and wants a divorce?

you cannot stop someone from getting a divorce from you. the best thing is to get documentation of the affair and go to a lawyer and file first. it is over, and just face the fact that it is. i didn't and am now in a divorce without the upper hand. i should have filed first.

What should you expect if your wife is filing for divorce in Florida and you have two children?

You should expect your wife to have her own lawyer.

What is something that someone traveling from Mississippi must see?

Travelling north through Tennessee you should visit The Great Smokey Mountains National Park. It is the most visited place in Tennessee.

Where can I go to find out information about colleges in Tennessee?

You can find out information about colleges in Tennessee by asking your teacher or someone who is professional and been to college from Tennessee. You should take a tour of colleges around Tennessee because I know some university accepts college tours.

Can someone in Virginia sue someone in Florida?

Yes, although you should hire Florida counsel to represent you there. Actually, the answer provided herein depends on whether the proposed Defendant resides in Florida. If the defendant does not reside in Florida, then you will need to show some kind of contact between him/her and Florida to state a claim against him/her there.

If I have a protective order and im trying to file for divorce can my spouse whom the restraining order is against fight the divorce?

You should pay for someone to serve him with divorce papers when you file , but if he does not sign, you will end up in court to get the divorce. There may be some requirements regarding the time between filing for divorce and the final decree. The argument will not be particularly about the restraining order, etc. but perhaps about child custody and visitation (if you have children) and that part may not be pleasant. If he is truly dangerous, you may want to consult with someone to get advice on how you should manage this.

Men and women getting a divorce should not hire divorce attorneys to assist them.?

Men and women getting a divorce should not hire divorce attorneys to assist them.

When getting a divorce in Florida does property located outside the United States owned only by one of the spouses becomes part of the divorce?

All property owned by either party anywhere should be part of the divorce. How it is awarded is depends on the state's laws and circumstances. Leaving property out of the divorce can be considered hiding assets, and will not turn out well.

Should kids be allowed to divorce there parents?

No kids should not be allowed to divorce parents. They should be allowed to make them up. Divorce is a big decision and i not taken by children.

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