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Heck yea! Been there done that! I was in a realtionship with a guy who was interested in me at the beginning and I thought that he was th one for me but a year later he dumped me. I don't like breakups and I convinced myself that he was a perfect man so much that I wouldn't allow myself to listen to songs about breakups. Then he wouldb't talk to me and I still thought that he was nice. Then he was abusive and all that... Anyway, talk more to that person or have someone else to talk to them. Don't be so quick to second-guess the situation. Some people do get depressed. Wouldn't it be more mature to sit and talk things out to see where his head is at. There is more to a relationship than cuddling, holding hands and having sex. People have feelings and it's up to each of you in the relationship to be there for each other. Did it ever enter your mind he could be depressed, but doesn't know how to start the conversation?

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How can someone who isn't famous get into a relationship with someone who is?

Well you could always apply to be an assistant or get a job helping them in a way, but this will be difficult. Good luck!

What is it when your always tired and want to sleep?

You could possibly be depressed or have a low thyroid.

What could happen to someone who took an antidepressant pill if they are not depressed Any long term effects?

Exactly the same as if you are depressed, there is no difference.

Could you be depressed?

anybody could be depressed at some time.

Should someone tell someone that they have no reason to be depressed?

Someone should not tell someone that they have no reason to be depressed if that person is truly suffering from depression. Depression is a debilitating mental illness and often has no apparent cause. People who are depressed often don't have a reason and wouldn't be able to pinpoint one when asked either. Statements like these from a loved one could potentially worsen the depression.

Is my aunt's brother-in-law related to me?

Depending on the actual relationship, it could be your father! Or it could be someone with absolutely no relationship to you.

When your craving to have a relationship with someone is it lusting?

By definition yes, said person could be lusting to be in a relationship. Lusting can be defined as, a strong desire for something. So if you crave being in a relationship and have a strong desire for it, or the person you want to be with, then yes you could call it lusting. It doesn't always have to necessarily be a sexual desire.

What to do when you're depressed?

Well depending on how depressed you are it helps if you have a mental health therapist they can know what services you may need and find you services that will help you medications could be the issue find someone who will help you

Is it normal for someone who had Alzheimer's disease to constantly sleep day and night?

They could be depressed. At the end my grandmother was the same way.

What are the relationship between pairs of data values could be examined from a?

someone answer this

Why i always daydreaming?

It could just be that you are thinking about someone.

What can I do for my depressed mother?

Maybe you could talk with a friend of Mom's who could talk to her. Someone closer to mom's age might have more experience in order to help.

Does a depressed person lives in the past?

Someone who is depressed may be living in the past and focusing on things that have happened to them that were not good. They may also be focusing on how times were better in the past than they are now and this could lead to depression.

What is the human to human relationship model about?

that u could be happy and be in love with someone that what love is all about caring for someone

What does it mean when a guy tells you he is into a relationship?

Wording is everything- did he say 'into'? He could mean that he is into having relationships, and he could just be saying that generally or he could want one with you. Or he could just be saying he is into a relationship with someone else.

How does it effect someone when they are sent to Coventry?

To send someone to "Coventry" is a British Idiom. It means you don't talk to them. The affect depends on the person and on how long you do this. After a while it could get a person depressed or lonely.

Why do people get in a relationship?

People get into a relationship birthday because they want to have someone by their side at all times and that you could share your feelings and or or emotions

What to do when your crush is mad at you for not admitting to liking him?

It is wrong to keep a relationship when you don't like someone. Such revelation hurts and could affect the relationship negatively.

What happens if my husband leaves me but won't divorce me?

He might be thinking about staying with you. Let him make up his mind. If the relationship lead to abuse in anybody or if you don't like it and he won't you could always contact someone/

Why is it when i wake up every morning i feel depressed?

It could be that you are depressed. You should go see your doctor.

The last time I saw him he was walking down Lover's Lane holding his own hand?

Well he must be depressed, just broke up with someone he loved and cant stand being alone. Or you know he could always be a mental freak. Answer It sounds like someone who feels very alone and doesn't want to be that way.

Is asking out someone important?

It really depends on if you want to get a relationship with someone then it is, but if you don't then its not important. But my advice to you is if you are thinking of asking someone out then do it the worst thing he/she could do is say no

What does it mean when you dream about someone you like and you kissed them?

It means that it could be a possible relationship between the two of you.

How do you help a depressed friend who is 3 thousand miles away?

You could speak to him , and you could also send him regular daily emails. They will make a big difference in his life knowing someone cares.

What is the phobia for a fear of depressed people?

This may not be official, but the latin word for sad is miserabilis and people is populusSo the phobia for being afraid of depressed people is something like miserabilispopulusaphobia for someone who is afraid of or has hate against depressed people, they would be a miserabilispopulusaphobiac (noun form) or they could be described asmiserabilispopulusaphobic (adjective form)