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  • honestly yes love is able to grow. but DO NOT EVER SMOTHER SOMEONE WITH LOVE.if you smother someone they cant breath and no one wins in the end. love takes time its not something that happens over night or even over a week. u need to give this person room to grow and if they find that there is something in there feelings for you then congrats. however you might move on or that person will. Love is found simply, u dont get a map or compass whatever you find your gunna love it anyways.
  • Bottom line: give the person space and try to move on if you find out that you still "love" this person and that they feel the same for you then id go ahead and ask
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โˆ™ 2009-11-15 22:35:57
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Q: If someone says they love you but are not in love with you can love grow?
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Can love grow if someone says they love you but are not in love with you?

No!!! Itโ€™s takes 2 and while they โ€œloveโ€ you, love you to hang with, shop with, they love you for that but theyโ€™re not โ€in loveโ€ want you for more ,constant,the only one, No your friend material thatโ€™s it!!!!

What to do if someone says they love you?

Do you love them back?

When someone says they love you but there going out with someone else do they really love you?


What if someone says i love you to you?

ask the 1 who says i love you twice..and make he swear about this..

Can you love someone too much?

you can never love someone to much. In fact love has to grow or it will die.

What does it mean when someone says I have nothing but love for you?

It means that they love you.

What to say when someone says i love you more?

I love you most.

If someone says XOXOXOXO do they love you?


What if someone only says love you and not I love you?

It means the same thing.

Do You Have To Like Someone To Love Them?

No you do not have to like someone to love them but sometimes it is better to like them to let a relationship grow.

What is the meaning of love letter?

it depends on what it says Answer A love letter is a letter telling someone that you love them so if someone gives you a love letter that means they love you!

What is answer of i love you?

If someone you loves says I love you, you reply as I love you too...! but if its someone should let the person know about what you feel about him/her.. p

What does love mean when someone says i love you unconditionally?

Loving someone unconditionaly basically means that you love them no matter what. You'll always love them no matter what situation you are in.

Why does your heart beat faster when someone says they are in love with you?

I think ths is LOVE! (yasaman)

What do you do if you love someone and he says he like you but he cant say he love me?

Kick him in the balls and dump him

What if someone says love you and not i love you?

Uhhh... Idk, either wAy they're saying they love you o.o

What song says someone to abuse someone to adore?

Robbie W. - Love suprime

What is the meaning of i love you?

Love means having deep feelings of affection for someone or something. So, when someone says, I love you, this means they have affectionate feelings for you.

What does it mean if someone says your tragically romantic?

sorrowful love

What if someone says I love you?

You made them feel happy and she/he love you back never know if you try.

What does it mean if someone says such love?

It means they love each other alot or they argue alot

When someone says they love you in a dream?

whan someone say i lovee u in a dream what does it mean

Is there a difference between love you and I love you?

YES. Not a big difference, but there is a difference. When someone says, "love you." They mean it playfully. Like, love ya. Like your saying it to your best friend or something along those lines... When someone says, "I love you," it means they actually love you. They can't stop thinking about you. Yanno?

You delayed in telling someone whom you love that you love and someone did what do you do now to get her?

Are they dating if so ruin them tell her all the bad things he says about her

If someone says they are not over you does it mean they still love you?

Yes generally it does