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it mean that there in liking with you

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a person that stares at Ryan

this may mean that he feels attracted to this girl and is feeling love from the first sight or this may mean that he suddenly entered a case of day dreaming

Means that he's in love with you, either that or he's staring at something on your face.Try to look your best around him/her and make sure there's nothing on your face and if he does it again, ask (works everytime, I promise!) Are you in love with my eyes? It makes both of you guys laugh, and then its all yours from there. :)

For stars and astrologer, while the study of eyes would be ophthalmology. p.s. person is spelled with an e

Assuming you mean the part surrounding the pupil that people are talking about when they say someone has "brown eyes" or "blue eyes", it's the iris.

a girl with pretty eyes

"hang a name" = labeling someone your boyfriend/girlfriend

It means they have brown eyes and hair!

It usually means that you are thinking of that person. Wether you are aware of it or not.

Name is something you call someone to identify them.

Scrotty is a derogatory name for someone. It is a slang term to call someone mean or unruly.

It is the name of a means good looking eyes.

The name Shaela means Beautiful eyes, beautiful, intelligent, and sexy

The name Charli means [cryistal claer eyes of blue and lovable to]

The Kikuyu name Maitho has African origin and it means eyes.

well it can mean two things he likes you or he knows someone who likes you.

Frank Sinatra .paul newman, bill clinton,

The name of a mythical creature with three eyes is a golden basilisk. This snake could kill someone just by looking at them.

What Indian? Do you mean Iron Eyes Cody?

it means someone how will love you

someone you can always count with ...

someone with a flat nose

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