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If they constantly do it, yes, I would say they needed anger management. Most people don't mean to be this way, but they just get so frustrated it's the only way they can seem to express themselves. I had a terrible temper when I hit elemetary school up through my teens to my early 20s (didn't scream and yell, but sure didn't have any wisdom or patience) so I enrolled myself into an Anger Management Course and it helped a great deal. Now, I'm more apt to walk away from an ugly situation than to argue. I will, however, always tell the truth to that person if they cornered me and stand my ground if it's important. We can all yell once in awhile, but when it's constant that person needs help.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-30 18:42:35
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Q: If someone screams and shouts when they are angry does it mean they need anger management?
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Go to anger management

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