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The law is, "Buyer beware!" If you are selling a vehicle to a person and you give them a receipt on that receipt you should write, "AS IS" which means this person is agreeing to buy this vehicle in the condition it is. Be sure to get the signature of the new buyer of the vehicle. If a person is on the ball and they are buying a vehicle they would usually take it to a mechanic to have it checked out first and they have that right to do so. Obviously this person didn't. If this person sues you in a court of law, and the law can prove you knew that the vehicle was not in decent shape (e.g. the brakes were starting to fail) and this caused the accident and possibly bodily injury or death, yes, you could well be sued. Marcy

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Q: If someone sells a car without telling the buyer what is wrong with it can they come back and sue you for not informing them of any problems with the vehicle like if it caused an accident?
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