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That depends on which party died. If the person who died is the one who signed the title over, then the vehicle belongs to the brother. If the brother who received the signed title is the one who died, then the vehicle belongs to his heirs or estate.

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Q: If someone signed the title to his vehicle over to his brother before he died is the vehicle his or does it belong to the deceased under age children?
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If someone dies and has a car on finance does it belong to the estate of the deceased if there was no insurance on the loan?

If the loan is not paid off at the time of the death, the vehicle belongs to the lienholder until the vehicle is paid off.

Can you sell a vehicle if the title holder is deceased?

I believe you can sell it if you are the beneficiary, or if you inherited the vehicle.

Can a person drive deceased person legally?

can a person drive a vehicle of a deceased person that is deliquent in payments

How do you transfer vehicle title when owner deceased and no will?

You open an estate. That is the purpose for the estate, to transfer property and resolve the debts of the deceased.

How do you sell a car of a deceased person that has a lien on it is it best for the children of the deceased to let the car be repossessed?

Pay off the lien is the simplest way. That can be done by selling the vehicle. Hopefully it is worth more than the loan amount, so the estate will have additional assets.

Does a repo on a deceased spouse's vehicle affect the widow's credit?

no , unless she is a co - applicant

Can i take over the car title of my deceased father?

Most states have a procedure for a spouse or child to change the title of a deceased spouse or parent's motor vehicle to the survivor. This does not change the loan, however, if there is one on the vehicle. You may have to refinance.

How can you locate a vehicle your deceased father used to own?

remember it's registration number plate

Can you continue to renew the insurance on a vehicle belonging to a deceased person?

No, it is insurance fraud/ identity theft.

Can someone purchase a vehicle then register that vehicle to someone else but continue to pay for the loan?

Yes, you can take out a loan for a vehicle for someone else and make the payments on it, but the only way you can put the vehicle in their name is if you have their permission.

Who is responisible for the damage to my vehicle if someone driving my vehicle intentionally damaged your vehicle?

you are because your the vehicle owner

What if the owner of a vehicle is now deceased?

That vehicle will go to whoever that person willed it to. If no one was willed for it then it will go to the next of kin or whoever is taking over the estate.

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