If someone who does not have insurance drives your car and gets in an accident is your car still insured for damage to other vehicles and yours?

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If the car has full coverage and someone else is driving the vehicle will the insurance still cover both vehicles?

A good rule of thumb about car insurance is that the insurance follows the car. So, if you own a car, have full coverage, and loan the vehicle to someone, and that person has an accident, your car insurance will step in to cover both your car's damages and any property damage. This might not be true ( Full Answer )

If you drive on a learners permit without an adult in the car and get in an accident will insurance pay for the damages?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% No, insurance will not pay if your parents have not placed you on the policy yet. You may also want to check your state laws. Having a 16-year-old daughter makes me a good source of info on this topic. Good luck to you. Actually, it depends on your carrier. Most parents add the ( Full Answer )

What happens if someone who is not on your insurance has an accident with your car?

Some aspects of the answer depend upon the state in which you live and the law to which it adheres. For example, in many states, the owner of the vehicle and the driver are jointly liable for the damages to the third party if the driver was using the car with the knowledge and consent of the owner. ( Full Answer )

If you have PLPD and your car is totaled in an accident that is not your fault will the other drivers insurance cover your damages?

I have PLPD insurance and was in an accident that was the other driver's fault. The lady's insurance paid for the damages, around $3000 which was the blue book retail value of the car, and they paid for a rental car for a short period. Since I had PLPD insurance, I had to pay for extra insurance on ( Full Answer )

If you had an accident in a car that wasn't yours or insured the police were not called to the scene and no tickets were issued will this accident still show up on your driving record?

It will not show up, unless another person was invloved and theyput a claim against you. If you do not report it it will not go onyour driving record. Answer2: Nothing will show up, but why risk your own life and thelife of other people driving in an uninsured vehicle. This time youmay get away with ( Full Answer )

In Florida If you were in an accident and was excluded from driving the car and it was not your fault can the insurance co make the owner of the car pay for the damages on the other car?

Answer . \nThe insurance company is not going to force anyone to pay for damages to a car. The person that was driving the car and or the owner of that car that caused the accident is liable for the damages to the other vehicles involved in the accident. If there is insurance coverage for that ( Full Answer )

If you are driving another's car that has no insurance and have an accident who gets the ticket the driver or the owner of the car?

Answer . Laws say that you are responsible to make sure that the car you drive is insured. inspected, and registered. even if it is not your car. I have been picked up on this charge a couple of times. Have asked plenty of lawyer friends and read enough books to find out I was screwed cause I ( Full Answer )

If your auto insurance allows you to drive other people's vehicles do the other cars still need their own insurance for you to be covered?

Although your own auto insurance may very well follow you to a loaner vehicle. It only follows you as "Secondary" coverage. It is still the vehicle owners responsibility to provide "Primary" coverage for his or her vehicle when that vehicle is being operated on public roads regardless of who is driv ( Full Answer )

If you are at fault but there was no police report and the other driver was driving someone else's car and they have no insurance and a suspended license will your insurer or you still have to pay?

Answer . \nMost insurers are really going to want a police report before they pay. I suspect that the owner of the car is going to find some way of getting their car fixed. If they have the details about you, they are either going to approach your insurance company or you for compensation. Th ( Full Answer )

Who is liable if you have insurance but you are driving someone else's car who is insured and there is an accident?

Who's Liable in an accident? Both the driver and the vehicle owner can be held jointly orseparately liable for the entire cost of a claim. Primary Legal andFinancial Liability for an automobile accident is always with thedriver of the vehicle at fault, "Coverage from the Owners Policynot withstandi ( Full Answer )

Your boyfriend got in an accident wyour car your car doesn't have insurance on it He is still listed on his parents insurance policy Are they responsible for your damage the damage to the other car?

The parents insurance will not cover any damage to your vehicle. It is possible but not likely that his parents insurance will cover damage, injuries and property damage to the other party. There is a non-owned vehicle clause in most insurance policies that will cover damages but this is designed fo ( Full Answer )

Can i drive someone else's car on my insurance but that car does not have insurance?

Check your insurance document. In the UK, most insurance contracts allow you to drive another car with the owner's permission, but the insurance is only for Third Party, i.e. you are covered for damage to anything or anyone you hit, but you are not covered for damage to the car itself. Check, check, ( Full Answer )

Will your insurance cover damages if your daughter is driving your car and there's an accident and the other person is at fault?

Yes but with subject to Your daughter is not excluded from your policy, you do not have a "limited" policy, your daughter holds a driving licence and has not consumed any alchohol and the insurance policy is not void. The damages to your car and to the third party property of the person can be co ( Full Answer )

If you wreck someone else's car and that person's auto insurance covers the damages can the car owner still sue you for damages to their car after the accident?

Generally, if the vehicle is totalled as a result of the collision and the owner had collision coverage, the insurer will pay to the owner the actual cash value of the vehicle as of the time of the loss. This usually equates to the value of a car of like kind and quality (including mileage, accessor ( Full Answer )

Will your insurance company still pay for the damages to your car if your daughter who has no drivers license and who was not at fault for the accident drives the car at time of accident?

Probably not, as most policies only cover drivers not listed on the policy if they were given permission to drive. If you gave your unlicensed daughter permission to drive, then you can be issued a ticket. However, if the accident was not your daughter's fault, then the at fault party is responsible ( Full Answer )