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as long as none of the sperm entered the vagina then one would not get pregnant

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Q: If sperm is found on the outer lips of the vagina could on get pregnant even if you take a bath immediately after that?
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Can you get pregnant though a swim suit in the pool if the the swim suits stayed covering the vagina and penis and all we did was dry hump?

You really need to learn how sex works.To become pregnant, a sperm must come in contact with an egg. If a sperm somehow got through two layers of clothing, found your vagina and swam up the right Fallopian tube to your egg then you could become pregnant. However, sperm don't swim through clothing.

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Where do you find the vagina when you are inside a woman?

AnswerYou have found the vagina if you are inside the woman.

Does a pregnancy test read negative when you have a ectopic pregnancy?

No. It will still show as pregnant. Of course everyone is different, but I took two and almost immediately it said I was pregnant. A week later I found out it was ectopic.

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No frogs don't have vaginas. I'm doing a science report on it and every website says they don't have a vagina. This is what I found but you could find something different. :) hope this helped!

Pain in vagina after pee?

This happened to me and I found out I had a bladder infection. You could have one, too. Make sure to see a doctor or your gyno.

How is male sperm safe?

Well in scientific research they have found its high in protein, however in sexual intercourse down below if it get inside a vagina it can cause the women to become pregnant.

Can you get pregnant with sperm around the vagina?

There have been confirmed cases of women becoming pregnant from intercrural sex. This is when a man places his penis between his partner's closed thighs and thrusts without entering the vagina, and is commonly used in some cultures to preserve virginity. Presumably it is possible to become pregnant from sperm that found its way near the vaginal opening from whatever method; however, this is a very rare and extremely unlikely occurrence.

What glands secrete mucus to lubricate the vagina?

They are called bartholin's glands and are found between the vulva and the vagina.

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you moms vagina.... it was used

A fold of membrane found at the opening of the vagina?

the hymen

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