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if the sperm touche s the vagina and is wiped away soon after the sex with tissue papers can u become pregnant

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βˆ™ 2008-04-20 06:46:23
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Q: If sperm touches the vagina but is wiped away immediately could you still get pregnant?
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If a boy touches your vagina could you be pregnant?

No you can not be pregnant.

If semen touches a virgin female's vagina lips could it make her pregnant?

Yes, it is possible.

Can you get pregnant if a man touches penies putting his finger in your vagina?

Could happen, but it's unlikely.

If sperm is found on the outer lips of the vagina could on get pregnant even if you take a bath immediately after that?

as long as none of the sperm entered the vagina then one would not get pregnant

Can you get pregnant if the sperm touches the side of your vagina and you wipe it off?

there is a chance you could get pregnant to be on the safe side go and get the morning after pill. hope it helps

Can a girl get pregnant if her boyfriend touches himself and gets pre-ejaculate fluid on this fingers and then touches the outside of her vagina?

No. You can only get pregnant when it goes inside your vagina. It needs to swim inside. Answer Well, not necessarily. I mean, the chances may be slim, but if there is "pre-cum" around the vagina, it could contain microscopic sperm. And those sperm are mighty persistant. Anything could happen.

We used a condom but it leaked could i be pregnant?

If semen entered the vagina, there is a chance that you could become pregnant. Yes - you could be pregnant.

If sperm is close by vagina could you get pregnant?


Is it possible to be pregnant if my boyfriend squirted but he was not inside me We were both naked and it was close to my vagina...?

if it was on your vagina then it could be possible. But if it was close to it then you may not be pregnant.

Does the man's penis have to be in you to get you pregnant?

No the sperm does. It can be on your fingers and you put them inside her vagina and she could get pregnant that way.

Could you get pregnant if the guy was touching his penis and then touched your vagina?


If Sperm was on my body then got transferred to my vagina could i be pregnant?


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