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I don't know if this helps, but my check light just came on, but was a little hesitant, as if there was a bad connection. I disconnected the battery (to reset the computer), sprayed silicon oil on the various connectors leading to the emission senesors, and checked that the fuel tank was holding a mild vacuum (the cap hisses a bit when lossened). That fixed the problem.

However, time will tell if it fixed it for good (maybe the computer waits a set time before reporting a problem). But the slight flickering of the check light makes me think the bad connection idea might have merit, and silicon oil is generally very good in this respect.

catalytic convertor is bad or oxygen sensors are going bad

also check the distributer for excess freeplay in the shaft and or metal shavings in the cap area. there is a crankangle sensor switch in there on the 88-91 and its bad u must replace the distributer. the code for this is in your ecu it will either blink out with a little led light (on the unit itself though a sight glass) or with the check engine light (depends on the year). a repair manual from advanced auto parts is a valueble tool. get one. that's how i fixed my 91 civic lx.

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Q: If the 'check' engine light on a Honda Civic LX stays on what are the possible problems?
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