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Admiral Kurita's Retreat Not likely. The Japanese fleet was already decimated with not enough fuel to return to Japan, which had the only available friendly port. In short, the Japanese naval command saw this as a suicide mission. When the mission was authorized, Admiral Nakasawa, the Japanese Naval Operations Section Chief referred to that area of the Philippines "a fitting place to die", and looked forward to the battle as a "chance to bloom as flowers of death". They had a simple objective: To attack U.S. troop transports off the coast of the island of Leyte before they themselves were sunk. The Japanese fleet was divided into three forces: Northern, Center and Southern, with Adm. Kurita commanding the Center force of 32 ships and lost three heavy cruisers to torpedo strikes, long before he reached Leyte. He lost eight more, mainly to superior air power before he reached the San Bernardino Strait. Many of those ships that were not sunk were heavily damaged. Kurita retreated because he could not continue without air support. The retreat was short-lived, however because U.S. planes broke-off the attack, thinking Kurita's force was no longer a factor. The second and final retreat occurred after Kurita encountered three U.S. flotillas of Escort Carriers which were comparatively small ships used mainly to provide air cover for the Army landing on the Leyte beaches. They had nowhere near the firepower of the Japanese Battleships and Destroyers that remained of Kurita's force and were 2-3 knots slower. Thinking that Kurita had permanently retreated and with the Japanese Southern Force already destroyed, Adm. Halsey concentrated on the Northern Force, leaving the escort carriers unprotected. Unable to outrun the Japanese force, they were ordered to stand and fight. Air reinforcements were called-in and with a total of 450+ attack aircraft, the small carriers inflicted heavy casualties on the Center Force. Thinking that the heart of Halsey's fleet was nearby, and that further engagement was suicide, Kurita permanently retreated. Kurita's force would have eventually decimated the small carrier group, but it would have been a Pyrrhic victory, because with no air defenses U.S. air bombardment, which included torpedoes, was incessant. As soon as the Northern Force was destroyed - which it was- Adm. Halsey was prepared to focus his entire fleet on the crippled Central Force of Adm. Kurita - that is, if it had survived the air attacks.

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Why did the Japanese surrender in the battle of midway?

They didn't surrender, They had lost the battle and retreated from the victorious American Naval Forces.

What countries where in the Battle of Midway?

The United States, And Imperial Japanese Forces fought in the battle of midway.

Who lost the battle of leyte gulf?

The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN).

What effects were in the battle of leyte gulf?

Eliminated the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy).

What was the battle of midways turning points?

When the Imperial Japanese navy lost their carriers

What was the significance of the battle of oriskany?

The Battle of Oriskany resulted the British commander retreated to Canada and failed to advance to Albany in New York. This contributed to British General Burgoyne's surrender at The Battle of Saratoga sometime later.

What mistakes did the Japanese commander make before and during the Battle of Midway?

he messed with the U.S.A

Who were Japanese generals in World War 2?

Here is a few generals: Imperial Japanese Army: GEN Homma (nick-named "The Tiger of Manila") GEN Ushijima-Battle of Okinawa GEN Kuribayashi-Battle of Iwo Jima GEN Hyakutake-Battle of Guadalcanal Japanese Imperial Navy: ADM Tanaka (The Razer) ADM Kusaka ADM Tsukahara

Why was the Battle of Midway such an important battle?

It was important because the US fleet destroyed or damaged the majority of the Japanese Imperial Navies carriers.

After the Battle of Gettysburg the south?


Who instructed the japaneese navy to fight in the Battle of Midway?

For Japan, the leaders were Admirals Yamato (commander-in-chief, Imperial Jap Navy) and Nagumo (commander, Jap Strike Froce)

Who where the key characters in the Battle of Midway?

The United States Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy. Yamamoto and Halsey

Who were the commanders in the Battle of Midway in World War 2?

The senior Japanese commander was Admiral Chaichi Nagumo. The senior American commander was Admiral Jack Fletcher.

Who fought the Battle of Midway?

The Battle of Midway was fought between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the combined forces of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps of the United States.

When did the Battle of Stalingad end?

when Germany retreated from Stalingrad

Who retreated in the Lexington Concord battle in 1775?


Which battle in the Pacific did the Japanese resort to the use of kamilzes?

The battle where the Japanese used kamikaze attacks were at the Battle of Leyte Gulf late in 1944. As to an answer regarding Iwo Jimo , the Imperial orders for the 22,000 troops defending the island, to never surrender was due to the fact it was Japanese soil. All but two Japanese soldiers survived because they surrendered.

Japanese in Alaska during world war 2?

Japan occupied the two westernmost of the Aleutians, Kiska and Attu, as a feint to draw the US north at the Battle of Midway. It did not work because the US had already broken the Japanese code. The Imperial Japanese Army held the islands for two years, and then in an uncharacteristic move retreated rather then defending them. The US still took the threat to Alaska seriously, and put much into protecting it.

Who was the Japanese gerneral in WW II?

A sampling of some of the generals & admirals: Imperial Japanese Army, General Homma (nick-named, the "Tiger of Manila"), conquered the Philippines (with portions of the US Army with it). Japanese GEN Hyakutake, Battle of Guadalcanal. Japanese GEN Ushijima, Battle of Okinawa. Japanese GEN Kuribayashi, Battle of Iwo Jima. Japanese Admirals: Tanaka (The Razer); Tsukahara; Kusaka; and Yamamoto.

What was the result of the Battle of the Coral Sea?

It was the first naval battle fought exclusively with airplanes.The Battle of the Coral Sea was a tactical win for the Imperial Japanese Navy and a strategic win for the US Navy.

What is a description of the Battle of Midway?

Midway was a battle between the U.S. Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy.It resulted in a devastating defeat for the Japanese as they lost 4 aircraft carriers in this one battle. These carriers were the Akagi,Hiryu,Kaga,and Soryu. Although there remained much bloody fighting in the Pacific after this battle the Japanese Navy never fully recovered from this loss.

Which army retreated after the first Battle of Bull Run?

not the Americans

Did the axis powers win the battle of okinawa?

No but was recaptured after we retreated.

What did the confederacy do after the battle of Antietam?

Lee retreated back into Virginia.

Who was the Japanese commander during the battle of Gyadalcanal?

Isoroku YamamotoNishizo TsukaharaJinichi KusakaHitoshi ImamuraHarukichi Hyakutake