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The engine will have difficulty in performing correctly!!

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Q: If the PCV valve is clogged will the engine rev up?
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What does blue smoke mean when you rev engine?

Pcv valve needs changing

What do you do if there is blow by in your valve covers?

dont rev the engine to much dont rev the engine to much

What vacuum hose would cause a 2000 Malibu to rev too high?

Check the hose going to your pcv valve. If it is split or not connected good, this will cause the high rev. Did it on my 1998.

When do you need to rev the engine during auto repair?

you should never rev your engine when you start your car it sometimes takes the oil pump time to pump oil up into the engine heads if you rev it too much your engine could suck a valve or blow a lifter.

How does a engine runs with a clogged fuel filter?

There could be several symptoms such as lack of power, engine idles but won't rev up, check engine code(s) about lean conditions or random misfire and with a totally clogged fuel filter the engine won't run at all.

Can a citroen xsara picasso idle control valve make your engine rev to much?

Most certainly it does!

1981 280zx Will not rev past 2700 rpm's engine sounds like it wants to continue to rev but kicks down instead?

check the EGR valve/ AIS air tubes or air flow meter/VALVE

Where is the idle control valve on a corsa B z10xe 1.0L engine?

The icv is located next to the rev cable.

What rhymes with Dev?

Rev Like to rev an engine

How can you tell if your catalytic converter is clogged?

An emissions test is the best way, but if you wanted to, while the engine is cold, now this isn't 100% accurate, but hold your hand over the end of the exhaust pipe, and have somebody rev the engine to about 3500 rpms, the exhaust should push your hand off with ease. Be SURE the engine is cold! You are idiot if you try to rev an cold engine to 3500rm, you destroy your engine cylinder head!!!

How do you put a starting motor on a 1999 Chevy Cavalier?

You loosen the pipe bolt and slip in the motor with an litiosiosantitarial valve then rev the engine slightly to test.

Where is the PCV valve on a 1999 Honda Accord?

the pcv valve is located on the valve cover, on all hondas....usually towards the center, open the hood and look for a black plastic right angled fitting with a rubber hose coming off of it and leading back into the throttle body.. if you don't know what the throttlebody is, here is a hint....the lever that you can rev the motor with under the hood is on it, and the cable atached to the gas pedal rolls over the very same lever! throttle cable throttle valve they're both on the throttle body zoom zoom The PCV valve on a '99 Accord is located on the rear valve cover all the way to the right side. It is covered by a black plastic trim panel that will have to be removed (two bolts)to access it.

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