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THe order used is that of the Grecian alphabet, that of the host nation. This moves St. Lucia and Egypt to the to.

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Q: If the Parade of Nations is supposed to be in alphabetical order why were Saint Lucia and Egypt at the beginning of the Parade?
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Which country leads the Parade of Nations?

In the 2014 Winter Olympics Greece led the Parade of Nations. The country that leads the Parade of Nations changes each Olympics.

When do you capitalize the word parade?

When the word parade is at the beginning of a sentence

What are the children walking next to the flag bearer carrying the Olympic parade of nations?

what are the children walking next to the flag bearer carring in the Olympic parade of nations

What are the escorts carrying in the olympic parade of nations?


How long did the parade of nations take?

2 hours

In the Olympic Parade of Nations which country appeared first?

The country which appears first in the Olympic Parade of Nations is always Greece, because Greece started the Olympic Games thousands of years ago. And the last country to parade is the host country.

Is anything in the funnels the escorts are carrying in the Olympic parade of nations?


What is a six letter word for bullfight parade?

Paseo - a five-letter word - is the procession or parade at the beginning of a bullfight.

Is parade capitalized?

At the beginning of a sentence and when it forms part of the proper noun. Example: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Who else marches in the Olympic Parade of Nations besides the athletes?

No one

How many Chinese competitors?

639. according to the parade of nations statistics.

What was the order for the parade of nations of the 1992 Summer Olympics?

If I am not wrong it is in French

Which country is always last in line in the olympic parade of nations?


What are the metal cone things the children are carrying in the parade of nations?

I light

What is the order of the parade of nations if Greece is the host country?

first and last

What are the golden or copper metal objects that the children are carrying into the parade of nations at the Olympics?

They become part of the Olympic beacon at the end of the parade.

Will mayday parade come out with another album?

Yes, Mayday Parade are currently working on a new album, which is supposed to be released sometime during June.

How countries are there in the Olympics 2012?

There were 204 countries in the parade of nations. So 204!

What are the children carrying in their arms in the Olympic Parade of Nations?

The ashes of Olympians past?

What is the Order of athletes in closing parade of Olympics?

For opening parade of athletes in the Olympics, Greece comes in first and the last nation to come in is the host nation. In between come the nations in alphabetical order. For the closing parade, the first and the last nations are the same, Greece and the host nation, but in between, all of the athletes of all the participating nations come in a huge mass and in no particular order. This closing procedure was brought about by an idea of a young Chinese apprentice carpenter living in Australia who wrote to the International Olympics Committee suggesting that all of the athletes mingle in the closing parade. This was officially adopted from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics up to the present.

What country always leads the parade of nations during the opening ceremony for the Olympics?


Which country always walks last in the parade of nations at the opening ceremony?

The host nation.

What are the metal cones that the children carry in the parade of nations at the london olympics?

Cauldron pedals

What was the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade first called?

It was first called Macy's Christmas Parade because it signified the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

What was the order of the countries in the 2006 Winter Olympics Parade of Nations?

The countries entered the stadium in alphabetical order (Italian alphabetical order) with the exception of Greece--first country in as the traditional founder of the Olympic games--and Italy, the host country which came in last.