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== == One fortune-teller says: It would not have been significantly affected.

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Q: If the South won the Civil War what would happen to the North's industry?
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What was norths goals during the civil war?

to free all slaves from slavry in the south

What was a major advantage for the north during the civil war?

industry and the navy. the navy helped to keep the south from getting the supplies they needed by setting up a blockade and the norths advanced industry helped to get guns and ammo as well as supplies to the northern troops

What was the economy like for the north during the civil war?

The Norths economy during the civil war and in general during this time period was industry and trade, the Souths was agriculture The Northern economy wasn't as badly hurt by the war as the economy of the South. (APEX)

How was the economy of the south different from that of the north?

the souths economy was based largely on growing cotton. the norths economy was based on industry

What was the norths strategies for winning the civil war?

Control the Mississippi, capture Richmond, and split the South in half. -Rock Lee

What was the norths stratagy during the civil war?

One of the things the North wanted to do was to capture the Mississippi River, dividing the south in half.

What were the Norths greatest strengths of the US Civil War?

* Manpower. * An Industrial base. * A fleet capable of establishing a blockade on the South. * lots of girls

Did Maryland fight for the north or south in the civil war?

no Maryland did not fight .They specifically said that they had nothing to do with it but if they were fighting they would fight for the norths freedom

When did South Yemen Civil War happen?

South Yemen Civil War happened in 1986.

What was the norths economy before the civil war?

The North's economy before the Civil War was very different from the South, which came as an advantage during the Civil War. The North was less agricultural and progressing industrially, whilst the South was still high on agriculture. The North was much more populous and advanced...

After the Civil War which industry grew most in the South?

Mining Logging Textiles

Which industry was least important to the newfound prosperity of the South after the Civil War?


Why did the south start recruiting industry after the civil war?

farming had been destroyed

The South had all the necessary ingredients for industry after the Civil War except?

Capital OW

Why was there more then 1 president in the civil war?

The North adn South were two countries and therefore were run by two different governments. The norths president was Abraham Lincoln and the South's was Jefferson Davis.

What was the main industry in the south during the civil war?

The Tredegar Iron Work of Richmond VA.

What industry did the south have?

After the civil war, the south did have some coal mines (mainly in Kentucky if you consider that south). But the number one Industry in southern states was tobacco. Especially in North Carolina where the American Tobacco Company was founded by James B. Duke (Founder of Duke Universtiy). The major difference between north industry and south industry was there were virtually no unions in the south.

How was manufacturing in the south in pre civil war?

Minimal. The South had become a feudal aristocracy, and young men were discouraged from going into industry.

Following the Civil War you were immigrants settled in the South because?

Immigrants settled in the south because of low investment in railroads. This happen during and after the Civil War.

How did the Norths advantages help President Lincolns war strategy?

The North was more developed than the south and had more industry to make war supplies. The North also had a larger population to fight with. In short the North had more staying power than the South.

Why didnt the south develop industry before the civil war?

Southerners were plantation farmers, so they didn't invest in the industry. Instead, they invested in slaves.

If the South had won the Civil War what would happen?

The south would make slavery all throughout the nation.

How was indusrty affected during the civil war?

There was no industry in the south to speak of, and so the north prospered with its mills and industries, while the south was devastated

What two factor helped industry grow in the south after the civil war?

Democrats hand lots of land

Which side of the civil war wanted lsaves?

The South - because it was the mainstay of the highly profitable cotton industry.