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If the WCI sends you to a Dr and he recommends treatment that you cant afford Can they dennie payments?


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It is my understanding that those procedures and consultations ordered by the administrators of the Workmens Compensation policy are to be funded through the provisions of that policy, independent of anything the employee may provide. The billing is usually handled by the medical provider in question, to whom the referral was made. That means that, if you are sent by "them" to "the doctor", you go; and, if "the doctor" says "do this", you do it--- and "they" pay for "it". Not following the "doctor"'s orders can disqualify you from receiving benefits under this plan, since it is interpreted as non-compliance under the terms of the policy. If you have questions concerning procedures, payments, etc., you should see your plan administrator--- usually a Benefits Coordinator or H.R. representative...