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sensors rarely go out i'd try first check brake fluid top it off this can cause brake light to come on if full check your brake pads and rotors you got to take your tires off any rust will set off the brake light inside your truck if they are fine then you should get your ball joints and tie rod ends checked out by a pro

The ABS light may or may not be lighting due to a faulty sensor. If it is, and it is common to happen, you need to find out which one. Take it to an independent repair shop and they will need to troubleshoot it.

I have the same problem on my Econoline 96, I've taken it to a dealer and several independent shops with no solution. My econoline does this mostly in the summer, and not during the cool days or winter.

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Q: If the abs light on a 1996 Ford E150 van keep coming on then going off how do change the sensor?
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Can be the level is low or the sensor is going back.

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probabaly a knock sensor going off

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It could be bad with out turning the light on.

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you just turn it

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the check engine light goes on and all the other lights ABS, brake, trac keep coming on and going off

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Likely a faulty coolant temperature sensor. Change the sensor.

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Why does the engine light keep coming on for the crankshaft sensor when it was replaced?

Faulty sensor get it replaced if not check to make sure wire isn't shorting out

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