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no the car wont start because the battery is dead, it was discharged by running it and not being recarged by the alt

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Q: If the alternator is bad and the car dies will it prevent the car from starting to protect the battery?
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I just changed the battery in my car and put the battery cables on backwards now the battery won't charge I tried a different battery and still wont work. Could I have damaged the alternator?

when you reverse connect a battery there is a good chance you will blow the main fuse this will protect the car from more damage but usually stops the battery for been charged as well... check and change the main fuse or fuseable link The alternator probably already was bad before you put the battery in.

Why will the voltage light will come on and off has new alternator and battery on a 92 Chevy lumina?

Check your connection. Make sure they are clean and tight. Especially your ground. Check it at the battery, alternator, motor, and frame. When you replaced that alternator, there was the heavy wire that connects to the bottom of the alternator via a nut. This connection has a rubber boot to protect it from shorting out because there's very little room around it when it's mounted in place. Check that this connection/wire isn't shorting out in that area.

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You failed to mention what year the S10 is but, most of them use a fusible link to protect the alternator circuit.

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Warning Light OperationBoth the "battery" and "oil" idiot lights turn off when the engine is running and thus indicates that the alternator is putting out current to recharge the battery, and the oil pump is circulating enough oil to maintain a safe oil pressure to protect the running engine.When your vehicle "dies," that means the engine is not running, and thus these indicator lights tell you that the alternator is not putting out current, and the oil pressure is below a preset level.

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