If the back glass will not open on your 1997 S-10 Blazer and you can hear the motor but it will not pop open how do you fix it?

Hey Becky==There probably is part of the linkage that has come loose. GoodluckJoe


This problem applies to 95-98 Blazers as well as the GMC and OLDSMOBILE versions. On the newer blazers they have a secret hole in the back of the tailgate where you can insert a rod to release it.

The key to the solution is to get the window to unlatch first do that you can open the tailgate and then perform the repair inside the tailgate. This was not easy. I got very frustrated even after reading some of the other "answer" suggestions like the Allen key method. To unlatch the window you will have to climb inside behind the tailgate facing out. You need to make a tool using a bent piece of heavy wire 12" long (like a coat hanger - but preferably stiffer). Bend a 90 degree hook in the end about 1-1/4" long. Make another bend about 6" away from the first bend to make a "J" shape.

Hold the tool parallel to the glass and slide down - hook first - into the center of the plastic hump concealing the latch mechanism. Rotate the tool so that the hook faces the front of the vehicle (the 1-1/4" section should be horizontal at this point). Line the tool up about 1/2" to the passenger side of the hump's centerline. Push the whole tool straight down with about 2 pounds of pressure. This pushes on the release and the window will pop. After you get the window to pop you will see how the latch is made and it will seem easy. I made a drawing I can fax to those who need it. Fax your request to 718-857-8499 and I will fax back the sketch. In the future I will get drawing scanned, I will post a link.

After you get the tailgate down,You will need to remove the back interior panel of the tailgate, this has 3 screws, 1 in the top middle and 1 on each side, after they are out it is just held in by clips so remove slowly. With this removed you should be able to look through little access panels to see if something has come apart, some of the assemble you can reattach from this point for harder to reach areas you will need to remove the steel panel. This is easy it just has a lot of screws and a couple of clips you need to unclip. Just remember what screws and clips you unhooked so assemble will be easy as well.