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Most likely the piston is hitting the valve. This can cause a LOT of damage. i have a 95 turbo, and it jumped time causing the balance shaft to hit the crank. this sounded like a piston hitting a valve I would suspect a Rod Bearing.If the Piston interferes with the Valves it would barely run,, if at all.It's fixing to "sling a rod"....

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Q: If the balance shaft broke on a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse would that cause the motor to sound like a piston slapping or really bad valve tap?
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Is piston slapping good for a race car?

NO! piston slapping is caused with the piston is to small for the cylinder wall and is smashing into the cylinder wall. this could damage or ruin your engine if you take care of it right away, especially a race car.

How do you remove piston rods from the pistons on a Mitsubishi Lancer?

a press

2004 Subaru Outback knock on start up?

That is not a knock, that's a piston skirt slapping against the cyslinder wall. It is either #2 or #4 piston, and if you remove the piston you will find that all the moly coat has been rubbed off the skirt. A new piston is what you need.

What tool do I need to push back the piston on the caliper of a 2002 Mitsubishi lancer?

You will need special brake caliper tool such as a C-clamp to push back the piston on the caliper of a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer.

What is a piston slap?

piston slap is when the piston inside the cylinder is somewhat smaller than the cylinder bore. when the piston moves up and down, it ends up moving side to side too. this causes a knocking/slapping sound as the piston slams into the cylinder walls.this can cause harm if the play between the piston and bore are significant, otherwise it's nothing to worry about. if the car is hammering you might want to take it to a garage.Piston slap is the piston lose is the cylinder and it is making a rattling noise.Hope this helps.

Engine knocking sound in 84 Chevy?

light slapping knock is a piston knock a loud heavy repetitive knock is a connecting rod Very Bad

If the timing belt broke on a 1991 Mitsubishi eclipse what damage has it done to the engine or is the engine a contact engine?

There could be bent and/or broken valves. Possible damage to the cylinder head and valve guides. Could be damage to the top of the piston. Or you could br lucky and nothing happened.

What would cause the emergency brake on a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse to get stuck in the on position and would it be easy to fix?

it could be a seized caliper piston, in cold weather it could be frozen, or the cable is seized up, depending on whats wrong it should be fairly simple, unless its a seized caliper piston, that may be a little hard it could be a seized caliper piston, in cold weather it could be frozen, or the cable is seized up, depending on whats wrong it should be fairly simple, unless its a seized caliper piston, that may be a little hard

Where is 1 piston located on 87 Mitsubishi mighty max?

It is closest to the radiator for the 4 cylinder engine motor.

How do you know if the piston rings in your car are bad?

Worn piston rings will cause your car to burn oil. It will smoke, and you'll have to add oil frequently. Additionally, the performance will fall off as compression is lost past the worn rings. There may be a "slapping" sound as the piston skirts slap the cylinder walls, and this will occur in cases of advanced ring wear.

What is the balance piston used for a centrifugal compressor?

Due to the pressure rise developed through the impeller, a pressure difference exists across the hubs and covers such that the impellers have a net thrust in the direction of the compressor inlet. The balance piston counteracts that by being located behind the last impeller. This is accomplished by subjecting the outboard side of the balance piston to a low pressure from the inlet side of the compressor thereby creating a pressure differential opposite to the direction of the impellers. This pressure is acheived by connecting the area behind the piston to the inlet using a line. The impeller thrust not balanced by the balace piston is absorbed by the thrust bearings. I hope this helps

Where can you go to buy upgrades for a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse spyder?

For starters try first. Usually people start with cold air intake or short one. Then you can replace your exhaust with aftermarket (OBX, Greedy...) When you get more experience you can proceed to sites where you can get turbo and supercharger kits (will require piston and rod upgrades).

How do you know your timing is right on a 97 Mitsubishi eclipse?

The car will not run if the timing is off, I have a 97 Eclipse 2.0L dohc non turbo .....if it is off 1 tooth it will not start. easy timing cheat;;;;;put the first piston all the way up, put the car in 3rd gear let it roll forward until the camshaft pulleys are in the 12:00 position exactly, the car willl be in perfect time

How do you tell which piston series on 2001 Mitsubishi montero sport?

Check the top of the intake manifold right by the ignitors. There sould be stamped on it the firing order.

What is balance piston line of Turbine?

it is used balance axial thrust on turbine rotor due to admitting of high pressure steam in to turbine. it basic purpose is to save thrust bearing.

What happens to a truck when you don't put in any oil. now when i start it a loud noise can be heard.?

The noise you hear is probably from thr piston rod "slapping" on the crankshaft as it is spinning. Lack of oil will burn out the rod bearings and cause the piston to become loose. Could cause severe scoring of the crankshaft journal(s).

Why does 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse shake at 65 until you let go of the gas?

mine is doing the exact same thing, possible rack and piston? let me know if you find any updates, taking mine in to dealer to see if front end is bad, mine shakes on front drivers side mostly, coming from pedal i believe.

What causes blue smoke in the exhaust pipe when pulling off from a Mitsubishi 3000 GT?

Oil in the combustion chamber. Could be a sign of worn out piston rings.

What could be wrong with a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse that just stopped when slowing down to shift into 1st gear?

The teeth on the timing belt right at the cranck shaft worn them selfs completley off so the cranck shaft just spins...Sounds like a starter but tis definitaly a timing belt problem...Bent valves and piston damage probaley

Why would the piston second from the right not fire on a 92 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS?

Check for fire and injector function. Check compression.AnswerI have a 90 eclipse 1.8 sohc gs and my piston second from the right works one day but not the other. I told a mechanic this and checked it out and was baffled also. Potential problems where: piston ring broke, valve not opening all the way or closing all the way for no compression, fuel line, and somthing with the intake manifold to put a spray in it. I tried the spray and wasn't it, the piston ring is ok because the cylinder is working today. Mechanic held a sparkplug in it with a wrench and i started it up, it pushed the spark plug out so it had compression. The only thing was maybe fuel line, but i put those get gunk out bottles a couple times and problem still exhists. So the valve can be it, maybe it has too much carbon deposits for the exhaust one or camshaft is not opening it right. AnswerThis happened to my 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse and I think it is probably the same on your's. Advanced auto parts told me that cylinder 2 was misfiring. Spark plug was really burnt when I looked at it. Changed spark plug. Still misfired. Changed spark plug wires - PRESTO!. The service engine light was still on, but I fixed that simply by unplugging the battery cable.

What is the Weight of aviation oil?

When we did weight and balance on the small piston engine aircraft I trained on we always used 9lb per U.S. gallon

What are the part of piston?

The piston is one piece that consists of the piston top or dome and the skirt. Attached to the piston is the piston rod and the rings.

What are the Difination and terms of car piston and piston parts?

One of the parts in the piston are the piston head,

Where is the no piston on 2002 intrepid 2.7?

I have never heard of a no piston.I have never heard of a no piston.

What are bent engine pistons?

A bent engine piston is a reference to the piston rod. The piston cannot be bent, but the piston rod can be bent.