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the code s usually placed as a sticker on the inside of the under-hood fuse box and on a card that is given to the original buyer from Honda as a part of the oners manual. you can also take the deck out and get the serial number and get the "radio code" from Honda

If the CR-V is 2001 or earlier, the code is at the back of the underneath of the player. There are no other stickers like there are for 2002 and up. You have to remove the entire bottom dash panel and my instructions said to pull the air unit out because it is attached to the radio unit. However, I went far enough to see the underside of the radio (if I literally stood on my head). I used a flashlight and a mirror to get the serial number. Make sure you get the serial number and not just the model number. I replaced the lower dash panel, took the code to Honda and had my code in 5 minutes.The whole operation took < 1 hour and I have no experience disassembling car interiors. The dash looks fine and nothing rattles so I think I did ok. Honda wanted $205 dollars to do the same thing.

**2002 and later models only**Antney1108 has discovered that his radio unlock code is in a simple sticker in the glove compartment, on the left side, toward the radio itself. It will be a 5 digit number. I would recommend writing it down in a really safe place and then removing that sticker from the inside door of the glove compartment :)

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Q: If the battery dies in the Honda CR-V what is the code for the CD player?
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