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If the bees die wiil you die?


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May 18, 2010 8:23PM

The scientific community believe that if the honey bee dies out mankind will be in some trouble but may not be completely doomed. One third of the world's food supply is highly dependent on pollination and the honeybee is the most prolific and efficient pollinator in the world. Studies have been done in fruit orchards where certain trees were not allowed to be pollinated by honeybees where other trees were. The trees that received pollination were able to produce quantities of fruit 100x greater than those that were not. Fruit from the un pollinated trees were much smaller and in some cases the fruit was deformed.

Mankind will suffer to a pretty significant extent, no doubt, but whether our species will die off altogether is a big question. War may break out over food in places that otherwise have never suffered this phenomenon (the U.S., etc..) and that will lead to more suffering and death. The final outcome will be very unpredictable and may take an extensive amount of time to play out.

One strategy that has been mentioned is for individuals to become involved in beekeeping and keep there own private hives in their backyards. Learning about bees and helping keep them alive is something anyone can do w/ minimal investment. An occasional bee sting may smart but I'm under the impression that it feels alot better than starvation.