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You cannot adopt a child if the father still has legal rights over that child. The father would have to sign the child over to you. that is the only way you could adopt the child. marriage has nothing to do with it.

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Q: If the biological father has rights do you need his permission when adopting the child when marrying the biological mother?
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If the biological father has no rights do you need his permission when adopting the child when marrying the biological mother?

technically no

Can you move out of Texas with your children without the permission of their biological father?


Can you move children out of state without permission of biological father in Pennsylvania?


Process to adopt a child?

Tell me the process of adopting a child not yours in a marriage. The biological father is deceased.

Can the biological father change the last name on a birth certificate?

Usually the father has to have permission from a court or judge to do so.

After divorce can the mother change the name of the child without formal permission from ex-husband who is also the biological father of the child?

no, it requires the permission of the court.

If when you are adopting the biological father does not respond to the challenge for adoption can the adoption proceed?

Provided there's clear evidence of a proper service, than yes.

Can a stepfather adopt the child if the biological father passes away?

Yes as long as the stepfather and mother are married for a year and if everyone in the equation agrees to the adopting.

Can you sign rights away if there is no father adopting that child?

only with the permission of the court and the mother, AND provided the never is not now, nor later, collects AFDC.

Can you legally become your girlfriends daughters non-biological father... The bio father isn't an issue she has sole custody and he hasn't signed any papers. The baby doesn't have his last name?

Yes, by adopting the child.

How did Oedipus try to prevent the prophecy?

He ran away from home to prevent him from killing his father and marrying his mother. But it turned out that those weren't Oedipus' biological parents. He actually did kill his father and marry his mother.

Does the mother of child have the right to decline the father of the right to sign the birth certificate?

No. If the father can prove that he is the biological father (with a DNA test) then he can legally have his name added to the birth certificate with or without the mother's permission.

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