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2xxbqYes and no. There's a series of diagnostics to follow to determine the cause, however the most common one is the accumulator ball (the black thing on the side of the unit). They lose pressure over time unti they need to be replaced. Look to for more information. Hope this helps!

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What part of the brake system presses the front pads against the rotor?

It's called the caliper.

Where is brake fuse located in a oldmobile alero?

Unlike many older GMs from the 1980's using the PowerMaster system, Aleros do not have electric brakes. The brakes are hydraulically operated and have a vacuum-type power booster for assist. The only electrical parts of the braking system are specific to the ABS.

What component or system provides the programmed brake pressure for specific aircraft weight ranges?

automatic hydraulic control system

Where do you apply the anti squeek?

I assume you're referring to Brake Pad anti-squeel. To the back of the Brake Pad (with the clips) and not the side that presses against the Brake rotor (material side).

What happens when air gets in the braking system?

Air stuck in the brake lines cause the peddle to feel "spongy". Your braking distance will dramatically increase with air in the system. When you apply the brakes in a vehicle that has no air in the system, that pressure added with the pressure from the master cylinder presses the brake pads against the rotor or drum causing you to stop. When there is air in the brake system and you apply the brakes some of that pressure is used up by compressing the air in the system and the rest is trying to stop the vehicle.

Explain the operation of an integral drum brake parking brake?

The integral brake is a parking brake that is on the inside of a disk brake system . This system use cables to engage the parking brake just the same a drum brake system.

What is the difference between a spring brake a parking brake and an air brake?

A parking brake is any system which is intended to be used when a vehicle is parked, whether it's a spring, a cable, or any other device. A spring brake has a spring which constantly presses the brakes to remain engaged.. during normal operation of the vehicle, a quantity of air is supplied to push against the spring so the brakes remain released. Air brakes simply mean a braking system which uses air for actuation instead of fluid.

What does brake?

A brake system brakes.

Are service brake lines and control brake lines the same thing on an air brake system?

The service brake is the one which applies the brakes - the emergency brake system is the system which releases the spring brakes.

Where is the brake light switch located on a 1994 Chevrolet S10 Blazer?

It is located under the drive side dash. The brake pedal mechanism presses against the switch when you press on.

What are 4 components of brake system?

Brake system usually has the following components: 1) brake pedal 2) brake fluid tank 3) brake system hoses 4) calipers 5) rotors 6) pads p.s. If it's a drum brake system - brake drums replace calipers and rotors.

Why is it that when you turn the steering wheel it presses the brakes?

Does it actually engage the brakes, or just the brake lights? There should be no possible way for the steering wheel to actuate the braking system, but a short in the wiring somewhere in the steering column could be causing both rear signal lights or brake lights to come on.

Is the emergency brake a hydraulic system that is automatically actuated when the driver depresses the brake pedal?

No, the regular brake system is a hydraulic system that is actuated when the driver depresses the brake pedal. The emergency brake is a direct mechanical system that is manually actuated when the driver pulls the hand lever or depresses the emergency brake pedal, which is separate from the brake pedal.

The hydraulic brake system controls?

Brake, emergency brake and the clutch

What brake pedal is the cause of air being in the brake system?

The brake pedal has nothing to do with it. If air is in the system then bleed the brakes.

Is the Hydraulic brake system calculations available?

its hard to answer

What is the function of brake system warning light?

To notify the driver that there is a problem with the brake system.

What is hydraulic brake system?

water used to brake

In Florida a parking brake system is not required as long as your brake system is fully funtional?


How do you repair lsc mk7 teves brake system?

forgive my ignorance, but what is teves brake system.

Describe the consequences for the braking system if the brake booster system failed?

If the brake booster system fails, it takes a lot more pressure on the brake pedal to stop the vehicle.

Why does the brake pedal feel soft after you replaced the front disc brake pads on your 1998 Mystique?

Air in the system. Bleed the brake system.

Service elec brake system?

An electronic brake system operates a mechanical brake at the wheels. The brake pads and all parts at the wheel need to be checked during the servicing.

Can air be used inside the brake system of an automobile?

Only if it's an air brake system. Otherwise, the presence of air in a hydraulic brake system would not be a good thing, at all.

Why is the brake light on on the dash?

It means there is a problem with your brake system.