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i think u mean cambelt not shaft as i cant see that snapping. Though the answer for both is the same yea it will damge the valve's and pistons this is because the cam will stop and the crank will keep on goin.This means pistons will meet valves at speed (not good) sometimes on petrol engines there is enough clearance so the 2 wont meet but u dont stand a chance on a diesel.

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Q: If the camshaft snapped on a Nissan Serena could that have caused damage to the valves?
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Where is camshaft position sensor on 97 Saturn?

There isn't a camshaft position sensor. If you are asking because of an error code you received, it is caused by a signal that mimics the same signal as a camshaft position sensor.

What would cause only the left side intake camshaft sprocket and exhaust camshaft sproket to be out of alingnment on a 1990 Nissan 300 zx?

That could happen if the timing belt slipped time. Something similar happened to a Nissan 3.0 liter I worked on a couple years ago. If the timing only skips a couple teeth it may only be off in one place. The car I was working on had a worn out timing belt tensioner pulley that caused the problem.

What problems does the Mercedes 2009100001 recall correct?

intended to correct the oil leak caused by poorly designed camshaft position sensor magnets

What is the cost of repair timing belt replacement 2000 Daewoo Leganza?

depends on whether or not the belt has snapped,if not £250.00 should cover it,if it has then it depends on the amount of engine damage caused.

What causes premature failure of a new camshaft in a small block Chevy?

It's usually caused by improper break-in procedure, but can also be caused by burrs in the lifter bores preventing the lifters from revolving or improper break-in oil.

Why is your 1994 Nissan Altima sputtering at an idle?

One reason why your 1994 Nissan Altima could be sputtering at an idle is because of your spark plugs. It could also be caused by the idle sensor.

A 1997 Nissan Pathfiner stalls and is hard to start?

There are several things that can cause your 1997 Nissan Pathfinder to stall. The most common cause is a lack of fuel caused by a malfunctioning fuel pump.

What would cause the flashers and blinkers not to work on a 4WD 1995 Nissan pickup?

Check your fuses if it is not your fuses i would say check your hazard switch, mine went bad on my Nissan and caused that problem

How does Seth Clearwater die in breaking dawn part 2?

the blond chick got in his head and caused him pain and then her brother came up and snapped his neck but it was only in the vision part of the movie from alice

Can a code P1383 in a 99 ZX2 be for some reason other than incorrect timing?

yes the camshaft position is delay to de correct posision bank 1 ------------------------------- Added by ZX2Fast----------------- I'm not sure what the person above is trying to say. P1383 Ford Camshaft Position Timing Over Retarded This is almost always caused by a bad timing belt. It can also be caused by a bad camshaft sensor (usually sets a P0340 code so isn't likely), or improper oil weight. Anything over a 30 weight oil will cause VCT issues. Also, debris in the oil system will interfere with the VCT. The code can also be caused by a faulty VCT solenoid.

Will a bad camshaft sensor cut off a Chevy Impala 2006 ls?

I was told that's what caused my car to do this...Im hoping that's all that made mine non driveable

Why does your 1991 Nissan Maxima sputter in idle?

sounds like it needs a tune up or most of the time it is caused by a bad fuel injector

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