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If you have comprehensive/collision, file with your insurance company and let them fight it out. If you only have liability, file against both and let them fight it out. If you get any hassle at all, talk to a lawyer. Sometimes a letter from a lawyer will be enough to get the insurance company to treat you seriously. If injuries were involved you can probably contact the state to find out how to proceed.

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When the ventricles relax intraventricular pressure falls and?

blood is pushed against the semilunar valves, causing them to close

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On April2,1917, President Woodroow Wilson had pushed for war against Germany.

How great himalays are formed?

Converging tectonic plates pushed together and they bent and pushed up word causing the mountains to be formed.

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The Pacific Ocean floor is being pushed up against the North American plate. The ocean floor slips under the land plate causing shift in the surface.

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You would fall against your will

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What are the Objects that have potential energy?

Basically, any object that has been pushed against a force (and didn't return yet). For example, an object liftet against the gravitational force; a compressed spring; an object pushed against an electric or magnetic force.

Cells in which nucleus and cytoplasm are pushed against a cell membrane?


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I pushed assertively against the door, proving that I was not leaving.

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They leave behind cold water. <><><> They also leave behind to rock and soil that they have pushed forward, known as morraine. THIS IS TRUE.Gradpoint/Novanet :) ;) -jesstyn wise a.k.a bill

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aqueous humor pushed back into the vitreous humor which again is pushed against the retina which result into blindness

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The wheels pushed against the water which propelled the boat forward.

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Possibly while coughing something got pushed up into the nasal cavities causing you to sneeze.

What damage will be caused by swelling of the right side of the brain?

Will not only cause pressure and damage to that side of the brain, the left side of the brain will also be pushed up against the hard surface of the skull, causing damage to the left side of the brain as well.

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A comet's tail is pushed away from the comet by solar wind. if the comet is moving away from the sun, the tail will be pushed ahead of its trajectory.

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Did anyone kiss Sasuke?

No but when they were small naruto accidentally kissed sasuke someone pushed naruto from behind.

What is causing my 2001 Mazda 626 is leaking from the overfill when ac is on?

Did you even bother to read this question before you pushed send?

Why was annexing Hawaii wrong?

because the Americans pushed the Hawaiians against their will and forced Lili out of the throne.

Who studied racial prejudice and pushed for protest against unjust treatment?

W.E.B. Du Bois

What is the relationship between plate tectonics and mountains?

When tectonic plates are pushed against each other this creates pressure between them, causing the rocks that they are made of to deform and push up to form mountains. An example of this is the pressure between India and the rest of Asia which formed the Himalayas.

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She was pushed in a tire by Jem (they were playing a game) and Jem pushed her too hard, causing her to roll into the Radley yard, and crashing her into the front porch steps.

How did the two plates move in the Asian tsunami 2004?

the India Plate and the Eurasian Plate pushed into each other, until the Indian Plate was pushed UNDER the Eurasian Plate, causing the Eurasian Plate to be raised up 10m

What are some examples of Sir Isaac Newtons 3 laws of motion?

1st Law: When a car turns left, your body is pulled to the right. 2nd Law: F=MA 3rd Law: A space shuttle pushed its rockets against the ground causing it to go up.