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I don't really know but the first things I would try are: push door lock/unlock button and try to unlock it with the key.

"Slide a big size screw driver to act as the rod on which the door supposed to hook in the normal operation, and try to pull the handle while pulling the door out and pulling the screw driver toward the car. Hope that will help."

Worked for my 90 thunderbird, thanks.

Isn't that annoying: it's happened to me on two different doors. It has nothing to do with the lock mechanism, but instead is a little locking hook inside the door where it meets up with the locking post. It will be in a shut position. Depending on the door, you may have to removed a little plastic cover just above it for better visability. As I recall, you need a strong flat head screw driver to snap the ring open - not forecefully, but strong enough to flip it open. As strong as that locking ring may seem, it comes right open when addressed from the proper direction.

Happened to us twice. I just lifted the outside door handle and flipped the catch with my other hand.

Just want to thank the people who submitted responses to this person's question... it worked for me -many THANK YOUs to you!!!!

man thanks alot i went to family dollar trying to buy star head alum wrench tools and got all the screw off after stripping the set and it didnt work i didnt know it would be that easy i was t'eed off but seeing this really took the pressure off of me 30 seconds later |P|O|W|!| it popped open

Rotate the latch while lifting the door handle worked for '96 Burb with power door locks.

This happens when the doors are put on child lock, or locked out from the driver door electric locks. I do not know why it happens but happens to us all the time. Be careful not to gauge out the rubber casings around the part that is stopping door from closing, seems to make it happen more often once gone. we quit using the child locks!


I just wanted to say THANKS to the person who first answered this question!!! You da bomb!!

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Armrest in 1992 suburban in locked position?

If the armrest on a 1992 Suburban is in the locked position and will not unlock, check for a foreign object that might be stuck in the hinge. Sometimes the armrest can lock if the bolt holding it on is too tight.

How do you unlock 95 Suburban?

Locked my keys in it help

We locked our keys in our suburban how can we get it unlocked?

AnswerMost cars come with spare keys but you could get a locksmith to unlock it.

What is a seized bearing?

a bearing that is locked in position an not able to move.

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The card is locked so that it stays in the correct position for the camera to read the card.

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How do you unlock a suburban when keys are locked inside?

The easiest way to solve that problem is to call a locksmith to unlock it for you.

Why are there locked questions in WikiAnswers?

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Why would an adjustable steering wheel move up and down when locked in any position?

Your lock is broke, It was probably forced up or down while in its locked position and it detached. It's also possible for the tilt assembly connection bolts to have loosened over time.

How many Borders does Zimbabwe have with the sea?

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What does it mean when it say an SD card is locked?

The little tab on the side of the SD card has been moved to the 'locked' position. When that happens, no data can be written to the card, nor can anything be deleted from it.

How do you hot wire a 1988 Chevy Celebrity The ignition key is stuck in the accessory position and I need to start it and get it to the garage for a new ignition switch?

With the key stuck in the accessory position the steering wheel is locked and the gearshift is locked in the park position. Perhaps you should consider having a locksmith change the key cylinder where it is, or else have it towed to the garage.

What makes key not turn to lock position on a 2006 Chevy Cobalt?

If the battery is dead it will not allow the key to return to locked position. Thus trapping you key in the ignition.

Why does My 2000 Suburban sounds like an airplane is taking off?

The cooling system fan clutch is frozen and locked up. Replacement of fan clutch is necessary to correct the problem.

How to get the trunk of my 1996 Cadillac devil closed?

Latch stuck in locked position? Electric "pull down" not working?

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