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I just recently had my Check Engine Light come on in my `91 CRX, so I have stared to find what I need to look into. And the manual seems to say that the light may come on for: (keep in mind this for many modles from `88-`91, So they may not be in the `91 CRX) Oxygen Sensor Manifold Absolute Presssure Sensor TDC/Crank Sensor Coolent Temperature Sensor Throttle Angle Sensor Intake Air Temperature Sensor Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Ignition Output Signal Vehicle Speed Sensor Lock-Up Control Solenoid Valve Fuel Injector EGR Control System (Cal. A/T only)

If you pull down the passenger-side floor mat from the top, you'll expose the computer. In the middle of it's housing there's a sight window. Turn on the ignition key and a light will blink indicating the code(s) set. Just count the blinks for the first digit, followed by an obvious delay; then count digits again. If more that one code is set, there will be a yet longer delay between each code. This will repeat itself continuously, so you'll have plenty of time to figure it out.
Then you have to get a list of the codes somewhere.

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Q: If the check engine light on a 1991 crx is coming on but you just changed the o2 sensor what else could be the problem?
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How do you solve oil sensor problem if it is not coming on when you are driving?

If the engine oil level is at the full mark, the light is not suppose to come on when driving.

Will transmission 02 sensor do with dirty fluid?

Your transmission doesn't have an 02 sensor. The o2 sensor monitors engine exhaust to control engine performance. But, dirty transmission fluid is a problem and should be changed before it cause a major and very expensive transmission failure.

Why do the map sensor keeps coming up as bad after you changed it on a 1998 Chrysler Sebring lxi?

It will depend on the trouble codes. If they are circuit codes, you have a wiring problem. If they are other codes you could have a vacuum leak, stuck egr valve, or engine malfunction.

Why after driving a 97 Sebring for thirty miles shutting the engine off for fifteen minutes and restarting when you have to stop soon after the engine will idle rough and stall when accelerating?

I will answer this question myself. First I changed out the o2 sensor because I needed one. (code) Next I changed out the MAP sensor. (code) End of problem.

S class 221 changed the lambda sensor upstream check engine light still comes on?

There is another problem. see related questions.

Trouble code indicated a bad cam sensor. I changed the sensor and reset light but service engine light come back on in a days time. Why would my service engine light come back on?

Could be a wiring issue or a completely different problem.

You replaced your iac valve all of your elect parts because your engine was surging and was hard to start changed your ox sensor changed your coil and the problem is still there what is wrong with it?

check fuel pressure regulator

Why is there a whistling sound coming from somewhere near the transmission that seems to cause my engine to stall while ideling in park but not while in drive?

The whistling sound coming from near the transmission could be a problem with a speed sensor. It is possible that the speed sensor is attached only at one end. This sensor has two places where it is attached.

Getting a oxygen sensor code changed sensors reset code code came back on whats goin on?

Wiring, computer, or engine mechanical problem.

Wont start with new fuel pump on 1988 dodge ram van?

Check the engine sensors. I changed all the engine sensors on my 1996 Dodge Ram Van and it vehicle only started when I changed the Flywhel sensor on the bellhousing and it was also the cheepest sensor to buy. My auto mechanic scanned the on board computer but this did not show up the problem sensor. he had a spate of Chrysler group vehicles in with this same problem and it turned out to be the Flywheel sensor and for some reason Chrysler do not put this sensor into the on board computer checking system and did not show a fault code on the OBD.

97 Taurus no fire changed coil pak still no fire only code is camshaft sensor What is problem?

The engine doesn't know when to fire the cylinders because it doesn't know where the cam shaft is. change the sensor.

2000 gmc jimmy engine stalls while driving?

One reason that a 2000 GMC Jimmy engine stalls while driving could be your filter needing to be changed. The problem could also be a bad sensor.

Can anyone tell you why you may briefly get a check engine light when starting up The computer code says throttle positon switch but this has now been changed and it still does it?

I had the same problem, so I changed the throttle position sensor and the camshaft sensor as worked for me, hope it works for you too. also change the map sensor that was the reason the light was on

What is the problem with your Kia sportage 2000 sometimes when you tarn of the engine and you wont to start again you have to wait a few mints to start you I changed the Camshaft sensor but the prob?

replace the main engine relay and fuel pump relay together, that will fix your problem. $ 16.00 each from Kia dealer.

If you have changed erg valve o2 sensor gas cap but engine lights back on what can you do?

I changed erg valve o2 sensor and gas cap but lights back on what do I do

Why all the black smoke from your 1995 grand marquis Changed oxy sensors maf sensor cleaned out air passages on top back of engine. Car stalls while driving and shudders when coming to a stop.?

It sounds like it is your coolant temp sensor.

Your engine keeps on overheating but you changed the thermostat water pump and the coolant temperature sensor what do you do?

stop an engine

When You changed the output speed sensor on your dodge ram and cleared the code but the code still comes up and the check engine light is still on?

If the same code resets, then you have a wiring problem.

If your service engine light is on they said it was a emission problem but you changed every sensor but it still is idling very low what emission part would cause it?

try checking EGR valve

Where is the 2004 buick lesabre coolant temperature sensor location?

just changed it today, located right side of engine, under to the right of the engine cover , has wires coming off it looking like a bolt,, water will come out when you loosen the bolt.

Alpha romeo 156 t-spark has problem at idle engine revs up and down?

Yes it does, mine has exactly the same problem, can be the MAF sensor, fuel pump problems or the idle sensor. just changed the MAF on mine saw some improvements but still revs up and down occasionaly

You have a 2000 Daewoo Lanos with auto trans shifting problem after warming up to operating temp have frequently changed filter and oil no metal in trans don't think trans is problem any ideas?

Do you have a check engine light. I have had problems with my 01 Lanos and the check engine light came on and it was the oxygen sensor so that may be your problem

Engine diognostics test says 0'2 sensors are not heating causing dash light to stay on but they have been changed 3 times any suggestions?

Then it is obvious that the oxygen sensor is not the problem. Quit throwing money at the problem and take it to a professional who knows how to find the real problem.

Where is PO155 02 sensor located on the 2000 tundra v8?

The P0155 refers to the Oxygen sensor on Bank 2, sensor 1. Bank 2 on your vehicle is on the passenger side of the engine. Sensor 1 is the first oxygen sensor in the exhaust pipe coming from the engine.

Can a faulty throttle position sensor cause a hesitation problem on 95 Grand Am se?

Yes, my grand am had that problem a week ago, changed out the sensor and it runs like a champ!