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yes it can

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Q: If the chicken eggs were at room temp for a couple hours can it still hatch in an incubator if it is fertilized?
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How do you hatch an egg without the chicken?

it has to be fertilized, and you can stick it in an incubator.

How do you get an egg fertilized in harvest moon?

you have to put it in the incubator in the chicken coop. the egg will hatch between 2 and 5 days.

Where can you get fertilized pigeon eggs and could i use them in a incubator?

I am not sure where to get fertilized pigeon eggs, but why not look into getting chicken or duck eggs. You can usually get them from a local farmer for free as long as you promise to return the young after they hatch. You are getting the same experience for free, or next to free! And Yes, chicken and duck eggs can hatch in an incubator.

Can you hatch snake egss in a chicken incubator?

yes you can

How you can hatch the eggs of chicken?

Place the eggs in an incubator for several days to mimick the habitat of a mother chicken's underside. After they hatch, they must be kept in the incubator for a while.

Can you use any egg for incubator to hatch chicken?


Can a person hatch a chicken egg?

A person can put the egg in an incubator to hatch it.

Can you hatch a abandoned egg?

You can hatch a abandoned egg if it is fertilized by a rooster. If you only have hens then you can't hatch it. But if you have a rooster, you may able hatch it with a incubator.

Why do some eggs hatch chicken and some hatch yolk?

That would be because the egg (the was yolk) wasn't fertilized. The egg would have to fertilized and not too old for the chicken to hatch.

Quail egg or chicken egg will hatch faster in an incubator?

The chicken egg will likely hatch first. Quail eggs hatch in 21 to 23 days. Chicken eggs hatch in 21.

How do you hatch a chicken without a mother or a proper incubator?

you can't sorry

How do you hatch eggs?

You most likely use a hen to incubate the fertilized egg(s) or an incubator.

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