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to get it turned right push ctrl and the arrow key up to get it back upside down push ctrl and the arrow key down. push them at the same time

I had to push Ctrl Alt and the arrow key at the same time to get the screen to flip back

2011-11-01 09:54:09
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What is the name of the flashing symbol on the computer screen that shows where the information you enter will appear?


What do you call the screen that first appear when you open the computer?

the home screen... or menu

How do you decrease the computer screen back to normal?

In the upper right corner of the screen, There is a minimize and a maximize tab. Click on the maximize tab to get the computer screen back to normal size.

Where does a websites title appear?

The website title appears on our computer screen.

How do you return your computer screen to normal size display?

Just restarting my computer worked

What is picture that appear on the screen when you are not your computer?

Two hugE rocks out in the ocean, a snd beach in front

How do you put a photo on your computer?

first you take a picture from a camera and connect the wire to the computer and then you will have to click things on the computer for it to appear on the screen

Can you make a normal computer touch screen?

there is no possible way sorry

How wide is the toshiba laptop computer screen?

The toshiba laptop computer screen size vaires on the model. There are normal screens and wide screens. You also have to checck the size of the screen. The size of the screen is from corner to corner.

What is a 15448946512052155 sided shape called?

If you are seing it on a computer screen, a circle. (No jokes) If you arent seing it on a computer screen, and all sides are equal, it is a polygon. About the computer screen. There arent enough pixels on a screen to display a 15448946512052155 sided shape, so it would just appear as a circle.

What is a tiny picture on a computer screen?

Each picture on a computer is made out of pixels that appear on your computer. Tiny pictures could be avatars or program shortcuts.

Is a tablet the same as a touch screen computer?

A tablet is a portable, touch screen product that is generally no larger than a sheet of paper. A touch screen computer basically refers to a computer that has a monitor with touch technology. It would be a normal size machine and monitor.

How do you make your internet screen go back to normal?

This question entirely depends on what sort of problem you are having with your internet screen in the first place, and your definition of 'normal'. You can try asking a computer maintenance person, or ringing up the company of your particular computer.

Why does sims 3 make your computer go to the blue screen?

This isn't normal. If it is the BSOD screen then it is a system problem and you need to get technical help. If it is just a plain blue screen it is because how your computer is configured. Make sure your computer makes the games minimal requirements.

When the computer screen is upside down how do you put it normal?

Pick-up the screen, turn it 180 degrees clockwise and set it back on the table.

How do you make your screen normal size on my computer?

My screen went really big and you couldn't see any of the tabs, pressing f11 worked for me if that helps

When i switch on my desktop computer the screen stays black yet the computer itself sounds normal?

Check that the cable for your monitor is correctly inserted into the computer and into the monitor, and is turned on.

What application layer protocol is required when website appears on computer screen?

Application protocol layers that are specific to certain applications such as the World Wide Web (WWW), email, and FTP causes websites to appear on the computer screen.

Where is the space bar on the iPad?

Whenever you are able to type your spacebar will be where it is on a normal computer keyboard except it will be on the screen.

What will happen to pinhole camera if the screen is moved nearer to the pinhole?

the image will appear a bit bigger than the normal image

Why did normal computers replace touch computers?

because touch computers are more convenient than the normal computer. you will just touch the screen and voila!

On a computer screen the more pixels that appear per square inch the?

On a computer screen, having many pixels per square inch means that there is higher graphics rendering. This terminology can be used to measure the graphics of a game system.

How to get my computer screen size bigger?

What you can do is get a larger screen and then hook up your computer to the screen. You can even do it with a TV screen.

How do you change your computer screen back to normal?

by colour setting or go to mechanic..if problem persists simply change it!!!

What screen resolution will make this game appear at its best?

Screen resotuion sizes are individual depending on the screen size of the computer you are using - remember the larger the screen resolution you choose the more RAM it needs and some games may run slower.