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If the vehicle belongs to the non-custodial parent and it was the vehicle involved in the accident, then the non-custodial parent's insurance will have to cover the damages and is completely liable for anything that happens with his/her car.

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Q: If the custodial parent cancelled a minor from his insurance policy can the noncustodial parent be liable if the child gets into a wreck in a vehicle licensed to the noncustodial parent?
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If my 16-year-old licensed driver is covered under her custodial parent's auto insurance must she also be covered under the noncustodial parent's insurance to drive the noncustodial parent's car?

This may vary based on your insurance carrier and the state you live in, but my insurance company told me I was unable to add my son to my policy if he lived with the other parent. If fact, the other parent refused to add him to their policy, and I was still unable to add him to mine because he did not "live" in my home. Our only alternative was to find a company which would set him up on his own policy, which I've been told is generally not allowed. Hope this helps.

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This may be sufficient to warrant a change of custody to prohibit unsupervised visitation with the child and the non-custodial parent. It should also be reported to the licensing board.

Is insurance required for a teenage driver who lives with you but received license from non-custodial parent and only drives when with them?

This teenager did not get a license from the non-custodial parent. He got it from the State. And if he is licensed and resides in your household, your insurance company needs to know. He just might have to drive you to the ER or something.

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