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not until the mother files for custody

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File for a change of custody. File for a change in child support or to stop it.

Which state do I file temporary custody if the child lives is a diffent state?

File a modification to transfer obligee to the grandparents, than file for custody. see links below

At the least, you will first need legal custody of the child - possibly adoption. File a "child in need of care" motion for guardianship, along with a motion for child support.

Yes, if you had custody of the child during the period for which you are seeking retroactive support.

Contact child support enforcement, but they may require a court order. File motion to change custody and modify child support. see link for help.

Yes - custody/visitation are a separate issue from child support. File contempt for nonpayment of child support.

Yes. You must file for visitation/custody in the same court that issued the child support order.

Child support and custody/visitation are separate issues. You should contact your local courts to file for visitation/custody if the custodial parent is denying visitation.

Encourage the person or persons with legal custody to file for child support modification or diversion of funds to them. If they do not have legal custody, that must be established or child support will continue to go to the person of record, the parent, in this case.

If the child lives with you for six months, you can register jurisdiction in your state, if it's not already there, than file for a change of custody due to long term possession. It's not likely she will be ordered to pay child support, only 7 out of 1000 mothers do. To learn what to do, check Dads House below.

Yes, no matter where the father lives they should support their child no matter what!

Yes who ever has the child legally can file for child support. But you have to demonstrate to the court that the child has been residing with you and you have the physical custody and you want to keep the physical custody and give the other parent visitation and joint legal custody. This is the fastest way to get things done and a direct answer lol.

You file charges against the parent who kicked the child out for abandonment. You file for custody and suspension of child support. At the minimum, the payments can be frozen pending a review of the custody order.

Yes, just file for Welfare, they will take care of it. Regardless of her resources, she can get help.

Yes, to the limits on your state, but you can file for custody or to have her emancipated. see links below

Truancy and child support are two separate issues. You must continue to pay child support, however you can file for custody modification either by seeking custody or increasing custody, thus reducing your child support obligation, if you can prove the mother is not acting in the best interests of the child by enabling his or he truancy.

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