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Q: If the daily wind speeds at the airport are 40 kph 20 kph 40 kph 25 kph 35 kph 50 kph and 30 kph what is the median wind speed and the mode of the wind speed?
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What is the speed lower than the speed of sound called?

speeds lower than the speed of sound is known as the subsonic speed. speeds greater than the speed of sound is supersonic (mach 1) and speeds that are many times above the speed of sound (above mach 0) are known as hypersonic sounds.

Does eyesight have speed?

Yes. Light has a speed, electric impulses from the retina to the brain have speeds and the neurons in the brain have speeds.

What is average speed and how is it different from speed?

the average speed is the speed you calculated when you have different speeds at different points or distances. It is different from speed because average speed has many speeds averaged into one speed ..while speed is specifically only one. Speed is instantaneous speed, whereas average speed is the average of the instantaneous speeds over an interval (time).

What is the difference between average speed and speed?

The average speed of an object is the total displacement (change in location) divided by the total time taken. However, the speed can be changing throughout the time period and the [instantaneous] speed of an object is the derivative of the displacement with respect to time. It may be considered as the average speed over smaller and smaller periods of time.

Is variable Speed a motion?

It is not necessarily a motion in itself... Variable speed refers to something that can change speeds, or that the speeds can be changed. There are many things that can be variable speed.

What is hypersonic travel?

Answer A travel with a speed which is more then the speed of sound. Answer In aerodynamics, hypersonic speeds are speeds that are highly supersonic. The term has generally been assumed to refer to speeds of Mach 5 (5 times the speed of sound) and above.

How does the speed of visible light compare with the speed of gamma rays when both speeds are maeasured in a vacuum?

If both of them are in the same substance, then their speeds are equal.

What is the Boeing 747 speed after five minutes?

After 5 minutes it's assumed that it's still in climb and on its standard departure route therefore the maximum speed will be 250 knots as it's below 10,000 feet. Only act can provide permission to exceed this. Note, authors after take off are governed by specific speeds and sound regulations , each airport will have it's departures speeds set

What is a dolphin's speed of movement?

A dolphin swims at two different speeds, normal speeds and burst speeds. At normal speeds a bottle nosed dolphin can reach about 3-7 mph and can continue at this speed for long periods of time. Burst speed don't last but less than a minute and can reach between 18 mph and 22 mph.

What is the plural form of speed?


What is Sonic the Hedgehogs IQ?

Here we go,I'm speed,or Sonic's the name speeds my game.

Do the molecules in a liquid all have about the same speed or is there a wide varity of speeds?

there is a wide variety of speeds

What is the different between constant speed and average speed?

Constant speed is unchanging. average speed is an average of speeds over a time (or distance) span and those speeds can have changed a lot. The average speed of something travelling at constant speed has however exactly the same value as the constant speed of that object.

What is the typical speed of a satellite broadband connection?

The typical speeds of satellite broadband vary by service provider and by the service package the customer chooses. All providers claim speeds comparable to DSL and cable, but none will guarantee their speeds. Download and upload speeds are always quoted as the maximum speed possible. The typical download speed for a middle of the road service plan is 1Mb -2Mb.

Does this have several speeds?

This fan does not come with several speeds , it only comes with the original custom based speed .

What is the wind speeds in Chicago?

highwind speed

What does a footballer speeds need to be?

need for speed

What Comcast Internet speeds are available?

The internet speeds that the ISP COMCAST provides are as follows. 20 megabytes per second of download speed, 50 megabytes of download speed and a massive 105 megabytes of download speed.

How can you determine if a ford C4 transmission is a 2 speed or 3 speed just by looking at it?

All C4 are 3 speeds. The old Ford-o-matics were 2 speeds.

How long is a nonstop flight from New York to Norway?

An average nonstop flight from New York City to an airport in Norway is about 7 hours and 14 minutes. This depends on the wind speeds, and is based on the average speed of an airliner, 500 mph.

How does the speed of visible light compare with the speed of gamma rays when both speeds are measured in a vacuum?

They are the same speed.

Manufacturers state the speeds of CD-RW drives in this order?

write speed, rewrite speed, read speed

Given two speeds how do you find the average?

If both speeds are used for the same amount of time, the average speed is just the sum of the two speeds divided by 2. If one speed is used for a longer time than another, you will have to calculate the total distance traveled for each speed (speed x time), and then divide by the total time (add the times).

What speed can an avalanche reach?

Speeds can reach over 200 mph (300 km ph) but they will vary in their speeds.

Can the average speed ever exceed the maximum speed for a trip?

No, the average speed will always be between the minimum and maximum speeds.