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Defective thermostat. Service the cooling system and replace the thermostat.

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Blower motor suddenly stopped?

check the blower fuse, temperature sensor on the radiator,switch on the dashboard and the blower relay switch.

If the dashboard temp gauge on a 1994 Honda Accord stopped moving what could be the problem and how do you fix it?

low coolant could cause this . without some backround ?

Why does your car make an awful grinding sound when you turn especially to the right and vibrates slightly when stopped?

The "awful grinding sound" might be a problem with your power steering

Why has the temperature gauge in your 92 Tempo stopped working?

It is possible that the temperature gauge has stopped working in a 1992 Tempo due to a blown fuse. It is also possible that the temperature gauge stopped working do to the temperature sensor in the engine having a short.

In1997 Dodge Dakota all of the dashboard indicators have stopped working?

Check fuses

If the dashboard fuel gauge on a 1994 Honda Accord stopped working what could be the problem and how to fix it?

It could be a fuse or the fuel sending unit. On that vehicle the fuel sending unit can be accessed by removing the rear seat.

Why has Skype stopped working?

skype has stopped working which program caused the problem

A book is sitting on a dashboard of a car that's stopped at a traffic light As the car?

i do not have a clue what your talking about! why not define what you mean?

The Tailights and Dashboard Lights Have stopped working anyone know why this would happen?

Tail-lights and dashboard lights are on the same switch on the dashboard and on the same fuse. Check the fuse and if that's not it check the switch. Check the fuse underneath the hood. There are some main fuses underneath the hood. I had the same problem on my Chevy P-U when I lowered my boat into the lake, it blew the fuse underneath the hood and I had no tail or dash lights.

Why would a 1999 Nissan altima temperature gauge fluctuate and car is not overheating?

My Altima had that problem and it was the water pump going out. It started with temperature gauge was moving, but then it started leaking and finally the heater stopped being warm at idle.

Why has your heater in Vauxhall frontera stopped?

my heater switch on my vauxhall frontera as just stopped working but we can feel slightly heating coming through

Pregnant and our baby stopped moving all of a sudden for 2 days what can be the problem'?

Pregnant and our baby stopped moving all of a sudden for 2 days what can be the problem'?

Why have your dashboard gauges stopped working on your Nissan prim era?

They might be broken, check with a mechanic, its illegal to drive when they are broken.

Jeep grand Cherokee the dash does not work none of the gauges?

Why dashboard gauges stopped working on a 2000 Jeep Laredo

Dashboard lights on 1977 Datsun 280Z stopped working and need to know what to do?

Check your dimmer switch under the dash first.

The temperature needle on your 01 Impala has stopped working. If you do not have an owner's manual where can you find a fuse diagram?

Your problem is not a fuse. There is not a fuse that controls that one gage. Check the temperature sending unit. 99% thermostat if you want to get a used sending unit from the wrecker

How did gay people in the military become a problem?

It only became a problem because the military made it a problem. They stopped making it a problem in 2011, and now gay people can openly serve their country.

How do you replace the dashboard fan control switch in a 1999 Chevy astro cargo van since my second speed stopped working?

It is not your dash control,you will find that the problem is in the FAN RESISTOR LOCATED IN FRONT OF THE FAN HOUSEING UNDER THE HOOD.TO THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ENGINE

If the gas gauge stopped working on your Lexus GS300 what could be the problem?

the problem could be that the enegn is jamed

What happens when the temperature reaches 0 degrees Kalvin?

everything is stopped

How do you stop your cursor from jiggling?

My answer came from another forum. The user had a Wacom Tablet. Once he disconnected it, the jiggle stopped. I had the same problem and disconnected my Wacom Tablet and stopped the mouse pointer problem.

My dashpanel lights stopped working in your Chevy Monte Carlo ss 2001 what could the problem be?

My dashpanel lights stopped working in your Chevy Monte Carlo ss 2001 what could the problem be

Where is the relay for hazards and blinkers located in 1998 Hyundai Accent They faded in and out for a few days then stopped working you had bulbs replaced and no change?

The hazard and blinker lights are located behind the dashboard tray. To fix the fuse, you unfortunately had to take the dashboard out.

The rev counter stopped working on your citron berlingo?

it is only lifting very slightly when i rev the engine

What could happen if the hypothalamus stopped working?

If the hypothalamus stopped working the body would no longer be able to maintain body temperature or the metabolism