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The deal said you would pay X $ down but you havent soo, the dealer can either HOLD the car till you do OR repo it. You have NOT held up your end of the deal, right?? Do you expect the lender to just let you ride??? Be Real

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What organisms have a closed circulatory system?

Mammals including humans have closed circulatory systems, as do most vertebrates. Some invetebrates also have closed systems. Examples of open circulatory systems are most arthropods, including molluscs and crustaceans and insects.

Will the DMV be closed on Presidents Day?

Yes, all government offices, including the DMV, are closed on Presidents' Day.

Is banks closed on election day?

In the USA, there is no legal requirement that any financial institution, including banks, be closed.

How can I get car title when bank have closed?

you may check with your local dmv. they could set you up with the paperwork to apply for a lost title and issue you a new one if you qualify for that

If a felon record has been seal can you get a gun permit in Texas?

in Arizona you must file paperwork to have your rights restored as a citizen within a time frame of a year after all paper trail has been closed (sealed released) after your rights are retored you may purchase but must still be after the states time frame of felony checks prior to buying

Was Sarbucks closed on Good Friday?

No. Starbucks rarely closes for holidays, including Christmas.

Is Russia a closed country?

No. Tourists may travel to Russia. Certainly, there are military bases and other closed areas (just as there are in most countries, including the U.S.)

Why is the ride Body Wars at Walt Disney World closed?

The Wonders of Life pavilion at Epcot (including Body Wars) was closed due to lack of sponsorship.

What days are liquor stores closed in Ohio?

The liquor stores in Ohio are closed only on Sundays. They are open for every other day, including all major holidays.

Is Walmart closed on Labor Day?

Is Wal-Mart closed on Labor Day? The answer is NO. The only day Walmart is closed is Christmas. In fact, a large majority of businesses stay open on Labor Day. The business which are always closed on Labor Day, government employees including the Post Office.

How many train stations are there in the UK?

I reckon there are around 5,900 stations, including those on heritage or private railways, proposed stations and London Underground. Not a definitive answer - but a start! A better answer: without closed down stations or underground stations it is 2656. i counted those listed on wikipedia and including closed down stations it is 9458. (not including underground stations) At the moment there are 311 underground stations and there are 43 underground stations that were once open and now have closed, soo.. In total all the stations closed now or still open in the UK is: 9812.

What is swearing in Chinese?

Put your pinky finger up with all the other fingers including fumb are closed.

Can you reopen a chapter 7 bankruptcy that was closed without discharge due to the petitioner's failure to provide the CCFM schedule?

yes u can u have to contatct the bankruptcy clerks office to pay the fees and get the paperwork started

What type of circulatory system does the Bald Eagle have?

All birds, including all eagles, have closed circulatory systems.

Is the USPS delivering mail on Martin Luther King holiday?

No. Federal holiday. Offices, including the Post Office are closed.

How was treblinka liberated or closed?

Treblinka was closed by the Nazis in November 1943. The whole camp, including the gas chambers and crematoria was destroyed and the area was grassed over. The Nazis tried to hide all traces of their activities.

Where can you purchase Crew apparel?

Depending on the type Crew apparel you are talking about, it depends. Ivy Crew no longer makes clothing and were closed down when Goody's was closed down. J-Crew apparel can be found on the J-Crew website.

Can anyone name all the Case Closed episodes and titles?

On Wikianswers.com Try typing in "List of Case Closed Episodes" and a List of Episodes for Case Closed should come up. If not Type in Case Closed and find the list of episodes link and click on it. There are currently 19 Seasons of Case Closed (586 Episodes) and this isn't including OVA's, Movies, and TV Specials either. Hopes this helps, Ja Ne!

Why was the Nexity Bank in Birmingham Alabama closed in 2011?

Nexity Bank was closed on April 15, 2011 by the Alabama Banking Department. They were closed for various reasons including violating the FDIC rules regarding deposits. AloStar Bank assumed the accounts of the bank and reopened the location one week later.

Why is the Pokemon reception gate closed in Pokemon shiny gold?

you have to beat every trainer in the game (including the elete 4 and champion)

Are London stores closed on Sundays?

there are a lot of stores that are not open on sundays, but grocery stores and markets are open including some malls

Is the US Postal Service closed for Presidents Day?

Yes, the USPS observes all federal holidays, including Presidents Day.

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