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You have to apply to a court for probate on his estate.


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No. She must get a credit card in her own name since the guarantor on the account is deceased.

Use of a card that belongs to a deceased person sounds like fraud to me.

Take a copy of the death certificate to the local department of motor vehicles and they will get you on the right path to getting the title in your name.

If you and your deceased spouse were listed as "OR" on the title, it only takes on signature to release the title to the new owner. However, if the names were listed with "AND", then both signatures would be required. Since this is no longer physically possible, you need to take the title, along with the certificate of death, to the motor vehicle office and have your deceased spouses name removed from said title before you even attempt to sell or trade in this auto.

Henry Burton (Teddy Altman's deceased husband) had Von Hippel-Lindau disease.

It is the deceased husband's name that needs to be removed from the deed. Contact the local court house to find out what you must do to claim the property in your name alone. Usually you can file a copy of the death certificate.

yes you can but you will need the marriage certificate as well as the death certificate and fill out papers at the DMV.

Unless you are on the bill the company is not entitled to payment from you. The estate of your husband should handle this. If there are no monies in the estate you dont pay them for something you didnt take on.

The spouse does have some rights to the home, based on specific laws for the state in question. If their name is on the deed, they can control the sale. Consult an attorney in your state.

Her spouse's name was Nelson Davis.

Depends on the original deed and wording. If the property was held 'with rights of survivorship' for a husband and wife, if the husband died the wife should be be able to sell it with a valid death certificate of the husband. If it was owned only by the deceased or as one of several owners, a Letter of Authority from the probate court is necessary to sell property.

No, because when the husband passes away, his file is erased from Government computer files.

The only debt you're liable for - is anything in joint names. Any debt solely in his name died with him.

The owner of the policy can change the beneficiary of the policy. If the original beneficiary has died before the insured, the owner of the policy can designate a new beneficiary at any time.

Peitho is called his bride.

You may call the lady Marion Carter Smith or Marion Smith, nee Carter. [ nee means birth name] You can list previous married names, but most often only if that husband pre-deceased her , or mention separately that she was previously married to Mr Johd Golblum, who passed away in 19--, if she has surviving children of that name. We don't need to bring up divorced spouses .

Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis are deceased trumpet players.

Contact the local department of motor vehicles. The fact that he is a signatory to the car loan is not relevant to the registration of the car.

There is no limit to the amount of vehicles you can have registered in your name. Car or motorcycle collectors are good examples of this and often have 20 or more vehicles all in their name.

Bill Cosby's spouses name is Camille O. Cosby.

Aino Jarnefelt was Jean's wife

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