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If the earths rotation increased would that effect time?


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No. Days would be shorter; time itself would hardly be affected.

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Days would be shorter, and there would be more days per year. (And that was the way it used to be.)

If the rate of earth's rotation was increased our 24 hour clock would be inaccurate and we could loose a day. There could be drastic changes as well.

Well what i think is that it moves because of earths rotation! so what do u think?Certainly not, it is the wind. The earth's rotation has no effect because the atmosphere is part of that rotation, if they moved because of the earths rotation then firstly, all clouds would move the same way, and secondly, planes wouldn't be able to take you where you want them to go.

Nothing. The moon controls the tide but has nothing to do with the earths rotation.

If rotation speed increased:The length of the day would be less than 24 hours; there would be more days in a year,and more days in a cycle of moon phases.If revolution speed increased:The length of the year would be shorter; there would be fewer days in a year and also in each season. The length of the day would become more than 24 hours.

the curving of the path would curve more than it is suppose to and the straight path due to the earths rotation would no longer be straight

The earths rotation about its axis has no affect on the orbit of satellites about earth. Only their relative velocities and positions are relevant, not their orientation

yes; without the moon earth's rotation would be wobbly and disorganized.

The Earth's rotation causes night and day to occur around the world. If it were not for the rotation, it would be night in one place forever and day in another place forever.

Well there is true north and there is magnetic north. To be in the centre of the earths rotation you would go to magnetic south in Antarctica

The greenhouse effect is due to the effect of heat absorbing gases in the atmosphere redirecting the heat back to earth. In this case, if the gases that affect the greenhouse effect suddenly increased, this would make the whole effect increase. Since the effect releases heat back to the earth, it would reflect more heat back to earth than if it did not increase. therefore: if the greenhouse effect increased, then the earth's temperature would increase.

there would be more earthquakes and more volcanic eruptions

The rotation of either body has no effect on a pair that are in mutual gravitational orbit. It would have effect at all.

The rotation of either body has no effect on a pair that are in mutual gravitational orbit. It would have effect at all.

The length of the day would be less than 24 hours. The day would be shorter.

Umpteen millions even if it could ever happen.

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