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#1It's probably the cheap a$$ factory motor AND regulator assembly. Gotta replace both because the regulator (scissor assembly) only originally lasts 80,000 miles or 7 years from original factory production. If you change JUST the motor, its going to be SLOW going up. And it will just wear out again in 10,000 miles. It really is rare that it is JUST the switch or relay!

it's probably the motor. i have a 2002 Pontiac sunfire and had to have both passenger side motors replaced windows would go down and would be slow coming back up and eventually it would not go back up period. the front driver side is now doing the same thing slow to come back up.

Well it all depends...So it can roll down but not up?

Anyways it could be the motor, wires, or relay...I think the switch only triggers one pulse and the relay is the one which controls it to go up or down...If the window can't go either way, try checking for a blown fuse...

Also does both sides do this or is it only one side? Is your window also controled by an alarm with a window module? Need to know more info...However I am leaning towards the relay...

disconnect and reconnect the switch...could be dirty contacts?!?

I had the same problem. I removed the door panel from the driver's side door. Then removed the electrical connector from the power window and put a volt meter on the connector while pressing the window switch. (turn key to on but don't start). If you get voltage at the connector when pressing the window switch to "up" position and "down" position, you have a bad motor. I ordered a window motor from eBay for $24.00

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Q: If the electric window on your 2001 Pontiac Sunfire is rolled down and will not roll up could it be a relay or the switch?
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