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White smoke is a good indication you have a blown head gasket. And/or a cracked head. Did you noticed, when it happened that the engine started running rough? Best i can do with little info.

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Q: If the engine light came on at a stop light and it is sputtering and white smoke is coming from the exhaust what is wrong?
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Ford expedition sputtering check engine light blinking?

I would check the plug wires and the exhaust system.

Why is the check engine light blinking on a 2004 ford ranger XLT an whit smoke is coming out the exhaust?

If the check engine light is blinking , that indicates a cylinder misfire has been detected White smoke coming out of the exhaust ( especially when the engine is warmed up ) indicates that coolant is getting into an engine cylinder from a bad head gasket , a warped or cracked cylinder head

What would cause the check engine light preceded by sputtering on a 1998 Eclipse RS?

it could be the coil

Accelerating the engine feels like its sputtering and the service engine soon light comes on?

Have it checked for codes. That should give you a starting point for diagnostics.

Why does the engine light keep coming on indicating EGR valve in a 1987 Chrysler mini van after i replace the valve?

Wiring, vacuum line, exhaust restriction.

Is it safe to drive with warning light on yellow engine light exhaust?

No, have it looked at by a professional.

Will a crack in the exhaust manifold cause the check engine light to come on?

It could.

Will a blocked exhaust pipe cause check engine light to come on?

It could.

Check engine light will not come on?

95 s10 blazer has a miss and check engine light does not come on and exhaust smells gassy what could it be

Check engine light is on1998 Isuzu rodeo ls32 v6?

the check engine light means you have something wrong with your emissions. theres something wrong with how your car lets out exhaust. There are sensers on your exhaust pipe that sense how much exhaust is being let out and how much unburned fuel is coming out. There is a computer in your car that senses that and try's to fix it. one of your sensers might be bad or you might have a clogged catalatic converter.

Why is a 1995 Ford Windstar sputtering and the check engine light on?

Propably needs a tune up. Plugs & wires. This vehicle is 11 years old.

Car is suddenly loud and the check engine light is on?

The check engine light comes on when the computer detects a problem and sets a code. You need to have it diagnosed with a scan tool. The loudness may be an exhaust leak. the o2 sensors will pick up the change of exhaust gases and set the Check engine light.

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