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A vaccume leak could cause that OR one of the hoses going 2 the gas evaperator canister OR a hose going 2 the Tank or filler neck.

The filler neck could be cracked at the tank

You may simply need the have the code reset. If, after being reset, the check engine light comes back on, then you have further problems.

Probably the filler neck is rusted through.I had the same problom on a 1996 Pontiac Grand AM.

Fixed the same on my Venture 2001 by changing the vacuam purge switch ...looks like a solenoid switch connected to and located near the vacuam canister ... easily remove.

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Q: If the engine light comes on because the gas cap on a 2000 Venture does not seal properly but a new cap does not solve the problem what else might?
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Check engine lights up on my Chevy Venture 1998?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

Why does a Chevy venture 1999 over heat and shows check engine light?

It can be many things. Can be a blown head gasket, stuck thermostat, cooling fan not working properly, water pump problem, etc.

Will vtec still work when check engine light is on?

VTEC may or may not work when the check engine light is on. It depends on why the check engine light is one. If it is on because of a problem with the VTEC system, then, no, it will not work properly.

Why injectors wont work 2002 venture?

check the #18 fuse for the injector in the engine bay. My 2001 venture blows that fuse when the wipers are activated. Im in process of finding the problem.

How you turn off the check engine light off 1999 Chevy venture?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem and have codes cleared

Why is Oil in radiator of 2000 Chevrolet venture?

Do you need to check two possibilites, one, check if the oil is from transmission or from the engine, if the oil is red,is from transmission and you need to replace radiator, if the oil if from the engine you got it a big problem, because the only way that the engine oil is inside the radiator is because the engine has a bad head gasket, that mean you need to repair the engine heads.

2004 Chevy venture Check engine light is on Exhaust and Emissions problem?

it can be of all stupid things a improperly fasstened gas tank cap

Vw jetta engine oil light turns on when car is running?

This could be a problem with the oil pump. Just because you have oil visible on the dipstick does not mean the oil is properly getting to the engine. Have the vehicle serviced as soon as possible to avoid engine damage.

Why does a Chevy Venture not start if battery appears ok?

It could be any number of problems. If you can hear the engine cranking but it doesn't start, you have a problem with either fuel delivery, ignition (spark) or compression. If you have all three functioning properly and the engine cranks, it will run. If you can't hear the starter turning the engine, it could be a bad connection, the starter, the neutral lockout switch or the keyswitch.

Joel's engine is unable to power his car the way it used to. The spark plug is working and the engine is compressing properly so what could be the problem?

Could be a fuel delivery problem such as a dirty fuel filter.

What does check engine light on mercedes C230 mean?

Problem with emission system or fuel cap not installed properly

How would a output speed sensor cause a Nissan Altima to fail an inspection?

I think that depends if you have a check engine light on because of it. If the speed sensor is not working properly, the engine will not use gasoline as efficiently so there may be an emission problem

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