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the family NEVER has the legal right of visitation if not awarded specifically by a state court. Morally, if the intentions of visitation are simply for acknowlegement of relation, then legal guardians(you) should discerningly, allow visits with blood relatives(them) under supervision of legal guardians(you). in other words, NO.

ANSWER: Actually, in some states that isn't true. In Wisconsin there is a thing called Grandparent's Rights. This entails that the biological Grandparents are entitled to 1 weekend a month to see the child. I'm not sure what other states that applies in but it is something to look into to be sure of.

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What if one of the parents is not on a birthcerficate can stepfather still adopted?

If the biological father is known and still has his parental rights he have to give them up in order for the stepdad to be allowed to apply for adoption.

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Can you live with your boyfriend if your mother gives you permission but your stepdad objects?

If a stepparent has not legally adopted a non biological child, then he or she has no legal right to make any decision concerning the child. If the mother retains full custody of the minor the decision can be made solely by her as long as such a decision is not contrary to existing laws of the resident state. If there is joint custody between the two biological parents, the parent with whom the child does not reside would have to file suit to prevent the minor from moving in with a significant other.

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