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If the father was married to someone else and the mother was single what are the fathers rights?


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If the mother is not married to the father, he has no rights period, even if living with her. see link below

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Yes. Your step-father is who he is to you because he married your mother. If you married his mother, you would be his step-father. Strange but true.

Your half-sister's mother may be your mother, if you have different fathers. If you have different mothers and your father is married to your half-sister's mother, then you probably should call her "mother." If your half-sister's mother is not connected to your father (i.e. her father married your mother) then there is no relationship name for you to call her mother, other than "my half-sister's mother."

If he is married to the child's mother the decision is theirs to make, but if he is not married to her the mother decides the child's last name.

In most cases, your sister's mother is also your mother, and her husband is your father. If you and your baby sister have the same father but different mothers, your sister's mother's father is your father. If you and you sister have the same mother but different fathers, your baby sister's father is your step-father if he is married to your mother.

No, he has the same rights as single fathers, none until granted them.

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