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If the mother is not married to the father, he has no rights period, even if living with her. see link below

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Q: If the father was married to someone else and the mother was single what are the fathers rights?
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Is it possible to be your step fathers step father?

Yes. Your step-father is who he is to you because he married your mother. If you married his mother, you would be his step-father. Strange but true.

What should be the fathers first move if Mother and father are not married but baby has fathers last name mother left baby with her mother grandmother is willing to help father gain full custody?

Get a good family law lawyer.

How are you related to your baby's sister's mother's husband?

In most cases, your sister's mother is also your mother, and her husband is your father. If you and your baby sister have the same father but different mothers, your sister's mother's father is your father. If you and you sister have the same mother but different fathers, your baby sister's father is your step-father if he is married to your mother.

If the child does not have the fathers last name can the father change the childs last name?

If he is married to the child's mother the decision is theirs to make, but if he is not married to her the mother decides the child's last name.

What do you call your half-sister's mother?

Your half-sister's mother may be your mother, if you have different fathers. If you have different mothers and your father is married to your half-sister's mother, then you probably should call her "mother." If your half-sister's mother is not connected to your father (i.e. her father married your mother) then there is no relationship name for you to call her mother, other than "my half-sister's mother."

Were Queen Victoria's father married to her mother?

Queen Victoria's parents were married first in Germany and then they had a second ceremony in London in which Victoria's parents and her fathers brother William married.

Does the father in a custody case have a better chance if he is married and the mother is not?

No, he has the same rights as single fathers, none until granted them.

In Virginia can a fathers name be on a birth certificate if the mother is still married legally?

Yes, if the father signs an acknowledgment of paternity.

If a couple is under 18 does the father have the same rights as the mother?

The answer depends on the state where you live, but generally not. Most fathers, particilarly if not married to the mother, have fewer rights.

Who did Hamlet's mother get married to after his father died?

Hamlet's mother married his uncle (his father's brother) after his father's death.

What rights do biological fathers have in Georgia?

Biological fathers have the right to see their children just as much as biological mothers. If they are not married to the mother, t hey may have to prove they are the father by taking a paternity test.

Would a mother have have full custody if her and her son's father were never married in Michigan?

Sole Custody until ruled on otherwise. The Glass Ceiling for fathers.

Why would an unwed mother give a baby the fathers last name?

Because she is hoping she and the father will eventually be married and She and her child will have the FAMILY (keyword) name.

If child is A negative mother is O plus what could the fathers blood group be?

The father would be A negative. It is impossible for someone to be O+. The mother therefore could give blood to the Father and the child, but neither the child or the father could give blood to the mother.

What was neil Armstrong mother and fathers name?

strong father and mother name

Was Mother Teresa's father married?

Yes, he was married to Mother Teresa's mother.

The mother took the child from the father with out permission and they are not married is this kidnapping?

No, single fathers have no parental rights to the children until granted them by a court. see links below

In 1962 what were the requirement for a last name on a birth certificate the mother was previously married not to father of child would she have to give her married name the new fathers name or he?

In Illinois in 1962, the child's mother could name anyone she wished (or no one), as the father, and give the child any first/last name she wished.

What is Elisha Gray's mother and father's name?

what is elisa greay mother and fathers name

How do you say fathers mother in Tamil?

Father = Appa Mother = Amma

Father with type O Rh positive blood and mother with type B Rh positive blood what type of the blood for the baby will be?

It is impossible to tell because you do not know how much of the fathers DNA is mixed with the mothers, for example, someone might have their father's eyes and mother's hair, and they could also have their mothers blood and their fathers gender.

What is Troy Polamalu's fathers name?

Aumua was Troy's fathers last name. There are many references to his last name but none of his first. Troy was raised by his mother and his mother's family. His mother and father divorced soon after he was born. He is estranged from his father.

Can a mother give her child for adoption with out the fathers consent?

No, the child is his too and he might want to take care of it or someone of his family. If the father is unknown it's different.

What is Cheryl Cole's mother and fathers names?

Her mother is Joan Callaghan and her father is Gary Tweedy.

What were Sacagawea's mother and fathers names?

Sacagawea's mother's name was Sacaga and her father's name was Wombendi.