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If she wished to retain the property. She would in all likelihood be required to refinance the property as the first mortgage holder has priority.

2006-08-24 19:11:34
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Q: If the first mortgage is in just your name and the second is joint between your mother and you would she be responsible for the first mortgage upon your death in Colorado?
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If my stepfather runs away is my mother responsible for the mortgage?

i gess so

If my sister and her husband took out a mortgage with my mom as a cosigner and are now behind in their mortgage payments will my mom's estate responsible for the mortgage?

Each person who co-signs a mortgage is equally responsible for paying the mortgage. If your mother has died then her estate must be probated. The debts of the decedent must be paid before any property can be distributed to the heirs. You need to consult with an attorney who specializes in probate in your area who could review your situation and determine what the obligations are regarding the mortgage.

Can daughter continue to pay mother's mortgage after notifying the mortgage company?

I assume you notified the mortgage company that the daughter is making the monthly mortgage payments on behalf of the mother. If that is the case, the daughter really isn't benefitting from making these payments from the credit agencies, proving mortgage history, and establishing credit on her own. Essentially, the mother would have to refinance the loan to get the daughter on the mortgage with her in order for the daughter to benefit. Even a quit claim deed would only add the daughter to the title, and the mother would ultimately be responsible for the monthly mortgage payments. I hope this information helps. Regards, Total Mortgage Services

If your mother is on the mortgage loan can you refinance the home in your name if you are on the deeds?

The mortgage will need to be in the name of and signed by all the owners of the property. If your mother is an owner then she must sign the mortgage.

My mother is deceased I am the executor of her estate there was a mortgage on a mobile home and my name is not on the loan so if the mortgage company forecloses am I liable for the loan amount?

If the mobile home and mortgage are in your mother's name alone then you are not personally responsible for paying the loan. However, your mother's estate is responsible for her debts. If the loan isn't paid the bank will foreclose on the property and is entitled to any other assets if there is a deficiency.

Are you responsible for your mother's mortgage on her house that was left to you by survivorship rights?

If you inherited the property, the estate must be probated and your mother's estate is responsible for the mortgage debt. However, if there is no cash to pay the mortgage and you want to keep the property, the mortgage must be paid or the bank will take possession of the property by foreclosure. If you decide to keep the property you need to contact the bank to arrange for an assumption of the mortgage or just keep paying the mortgage until the debt has been paid in full. If you owned the property as joint tenants with the right of survivorship and only your mother granted a mortgage in the property then you should consult an attorney who is familiar with your state laws regarding real property and mortgage by one co-owner.

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Who is responsible for girl baby mother or father?


Who is responsible for a spoiled child?

The mother is responsible for the spoiled child!!

Your mother just died and has a mortgage on the house do you need to pay the mortgage when you sell the house?

Of course! The money is still owed to the bank and you cannot legally sell it without satisfying the mortgage.

Your mother is a life estate tenant can you refinance without her signing any papers?

No. Your mother would need to consent to the mortgage by signing it. The lender will discover her interest when it has the title checked and will insist that she signs the mortgage.

If the mother lives in Kansas and the father lives in Colorado and the children are also in Colorado which state are the children residences of?

Colorado see links below

Can you add your mother and sister to your home deed and refinance the mortgage without your name on the new loan?

If you will still be an owner then you will also have to sign the mortgage.

Can you change a mortgage to your mother's name?

Consult a lawyer on this. You can sell a property to your mother.

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If a mother deeds a property to her son is it now legally his house can she take it back?

If mother conveyed property to her son by a valid deed then he is the new owner. She cannot nullify a deed once she has signed it and it has been recorded in the land records.If son granted mother a mortgage in the property and she reserved the right to foreclose in that mortgage document she can take the property back by foreclosure if he defaults on the mortgage.

How can you transfer your mortgage to your mother who has less than perfect credit if both of your names are already on the deed?

You can't transfer the mortgage, but you can remortgage in her name only.

My mother passed away I have siblings and no one has reported her death to the mortgage company we can't afford the house payments is it the law that you have to report it to the mortgage company?

No, once the mortgage company begins the foreclosure process they will find out that your mother is dead. This will not stop the foreclosure process. The only way to avoid that is to make the payments.

Are children responsible for the debts of their deceased mother in Illinois?

The estate of the deceased is responsible for the debt.

Who is responsible for funeral expenses of their mother?

her children.

What is a single mother of the bride responsible for?

The reception.

Is my mother responsible for my deceased father's medical bills?

The estate of the deceased is responsible for the debts. Your mother will indirectly have to resolve the debts before the assets are released.

If a mother and daughter are both listed on the mortgage for a home and the mother passes away does the daughter listed on the mortgage become the sole beneficiary?

Signing a mortgage does not give you an interest in the real estate. An interest in real estate is acquired by deed. Hopefully you are also on the deed to the property as the joint owner with the right of survivorship. That would make you the sole owner of the property upon your mother's death. However, if you are not on the deed and you signed the mortgage then your mother's death would make you solely responsible to the lender for paying the mortgage and you would need to probate her estate so that title to the real estate would pass to her heirs. If there are other siblings they would inherit an equal interest in the property and perhaps you could make a claim against the estate for your mother's half of the mortgage balance. You should speak with an attorney.

Mother73 daughter43 are both on deed can mother get a reversed mortgage without daughter known?


Mother and son tenants in common mother does not live in house or pay for expenses now she says the house is hers?

If mother and son are indeed tenants in common then each has the right to the use and possession of the whole property. Son cannot mortgage or sell the property without the consent of mother. Mother cannot mortgage or sell the property without consent of son. Both are equal owners.